We originally came up with the concept of a northwest music page in February 1999. At the time we were throwing around a few names, among them being "Seattle: Rock City" and "Fuck Me, I'm Rich". We finally settled on "triple cycle theory". On March 12, we started preliminary research and design for the page. We posted the first version of triple cycle theory on Geocities on June 29. After encountering a few problems with Geo-Shities, we decided to move to a different server. On July 22, 1999, the site was re-launched on the Tripod server, which we use to this day. Someday, we'd like to move this to it's own site (maybe something like but for now you can find the page at This site has been online for over two years, and we hope to continue maintaining this page for a long time.

Our design goals were to provide an easily accessible, easy to navigate, quick-loading page. We wanted to keep the page design simple and basic. Most, if not all, of the pages contained herein are black text on a single color background. We wanted to make it easy to find things on our site, so we have provided a site map to go along with the main index page. We've tried to limit the amount of pictures to keep page-loading time low. (Some of the lists, such as the band list and discography, may be slow loading, but note this is all text, no pictures.)  With the intent of keeping this page quick-loading, we have declined to use tools such as background music, shockwave, (advanced) java, or plug-ins.

The purpose of soundcheck is to chronicle the history of northwest music, from 1979 to the present. While we cover any music from that period, we specialize in the 1987-1994 era. soundcheck is a database of individual members and their bands and albums, studios, record labels, and other pertinent info. We also plan to keep track of any news that might be happening with current bands because there are still great Northwest bands out there, despite what MTV says.

Just so you know, soundcheck does not cover "grunge fashion", drug histories, or murder theories.

Everything on this page (minus the articles and pictures) was created by and for the sole purpose of soundcheck. Any unauthorized reproduction or duplication without the consent of soundcheck is prohibited.

This site was originally created with Microsoft Front Page. The new current version was created with Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 and Adobe Photoshop 6.0. This page is now 100% Microsoft free.

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