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triple cycle theory presents
the ARC 150 music network

what this is:
For short, this is a network of all the great northwest bands made by fans like you and me. We've just got around to starting this, but we'd like this page to someday have 150 different pages with information on 150 great bands. If you'd like to do the page for your favorite band, please e-mail us at Please type ARC 150 (your band name) in the subject. Thanks!

NOTE (7/27/2000): This page has been neglected because we are spending our time and energy to other projects. Don't expect many updates anytime soon. (If you would like to help out, e-mail us at

mad season: house of ill repute (coming soon)
nirvana: in bloom
(coming soon)
pearl jam: five against one (coming soon)
seaweed: clean slate
soundgarden: garden of stone

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