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part three

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part one - part two

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Mudhoney (27kb)
Mudhoney from Superfuzz Bigmuff cover (47kb)
Nirvana live (40kb)
Fans at TAD/Nirvana show (38kb)
Chris Cornell live with Soundgarden (16kb)
Nirvana (w/ Chad Channing) (29kb)
Mark Arm of Mudhoney (52kb)
Seaweed live (40kb)
Kurt Cobain spinning on his back (35kb)
Mudhoney mosh pit (71kb)

Peter Bagge Art
How to write a book about Nirvana. written by Everett True/drawn by Peter Bagge. edited version of comic published in the Stranger.

TAD: 8 Way Santa/Jack Pepsi missing artwork.

Special thanks to Sub Pop.
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Bagge/TAD artwork.
from back of TAD Loser/Cooking With Gas 7" single on Sub Pop Records.

We all scream for heroin!
another great song by the band known as "Unsupervised Existence" or "Slutburger". taken from Hate #8.

We all scream for miller-in-the-can! the hit single from Leonard and the Love Gods. from Hate #9.

I only manage your band for money. gee, where else have we seen managers (or major label reps, or reporters) ripping off artists? taken from back cover of HATE #8, with permission of course.

A man with a vision. Bruce Pavitt's dreams and ambitions, as witnessed by Peter Bagge. from Spin 10th Anniversary Issue, 1995