Featuring the cast of Peter Bagge's Hate...

Buddy Bradley
The main character of HATE

Lisa Leavenworth
Buddy's girlfriend for most of the story

Valerie Russo
Buddy's early girlfriend in Seattle

Leonard "Stinky" Brown
friend and roommate of Buddy in Seattle
Nicknamed "Stinky" for his hygiene (or lack of hygiene) tendencies... worthless friend who always needs Buddy to bail him out of trouble... small time con man... former frontman of a short lived punk band called "Leonard and the Love Gods"... big fan of psychedelic drugs... despite his grooming behavior, seems to have a large number of female dates... possible closet homosexual.

George Cecil Hamilton III
Buddy's other roommate in Seattle
The "whitest black guy in the world", according to Buddy... author and publisher of a low quality zine called Zygote... best friend is the television... ridiculously paranoid and self-conscious... possibly the the least sociable person in the world... becomes extremely uncomfortable around anyone of the opposite sex.

Yantzi Murphy
hated enemy of Buddy

fellow collector and friend of Buddy


Ma Bradley

Pa Bradley

Babs Bradley

Butch Bradley

Jimmy Foley

Jay Spano

Babs' ex-husband

"Crazy Chick" Sally

Tyler and Alexis
Babs' two children

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