Hate! checklist

Seattle, black and white issues (#1-#15)

Hey Buddy! (#1-#5)

Hate #1
My Pad And Welcome To It!
Characters: Buddy Bradley, Leonard "Stinky" Brown, George Cecil Hamilton III
Bonus story: Prisoners Of Hate Island starring Peter Bagge, Kim Thompson, Gary Groth
Back Cover: Prisoners Of Hate Island panel

Hate #2
Hate At First Sight!
Characters: Buddy, Valerie Russo, Stinky, George
Back Cover: Lisa "I Wanna Be Bad!" panel

Hate #3
The Enigma That Is George Cecil Hamilton The Third
Characters: Buddy, George, Stinky
Dinner For Two
Buddy, Valerie, George, Stinky, Lisa
Back Cover: George "What Is A 'Buddy'?" comic

Hate #4
Buddy Bradley Is Not His Brother's Keeper
Characters: Buddy, Butch Bradley, Stinky, Valerie
Bonus story: Whatever Happened To Babs Bradley?
Back Cover: Whatever Happened To Babs Bradley? panel

Hate #5
Guys, Gals, Gays... And Buddy Bradley!
Characters: Buddy, Stinky, Collector Steve, Valerie, Lisa, Gay Phil and Rick
Bonus: "We Want Stinky" Pictures of Stinky's dates sent in by readers
Back Cover: Stinky Dates

Buddy the Dreamer (#6-#10)

Hate #6
Valerie's Parents
Characters: Buddy, Valerie, Valerie's Parents
Back Cover: Buddy: "The Ugly American"

Hate #7
Paranoia Rules Supreme or: The Big Date Day
Characters: George, Lisa, Buddy, Valerie, "Shithead" Stinky
Back Cover: Lisa Leavenworth: Crazy And Proud Of It 

Hate #8
Follow That Dream!
Characters: Buddy, Leonard, Valerie, and the "Love Gods"
Back Cover: Band managers Buddy and Leonard wraparound cover

Hate #9
Follow That Dream Part II
Characters: Buddy, Leonard and the Love Gods, George
Back Cover: Hey Stinky comic

Hate #10
The Nut
Characters: Buddy, Lisa, George
Bonus: Buddy Bradley look-alike entries
Back Cover: Leonard the Love God "He's Got A Way With Words" comic

Fun With Buddy and Lisa (#11-#15)

Hate #11
Slumming With Buddy And Lisa
Characters: Buddy, Lisa, George
Bonus story: Let's Give Fascism A Chance! starring Peter Bagge and his daughter Hannah
Bonus story: Leonard the Love God Meets "Dame Darcy"
Back Cover: Going to Church wraparound cover

Hate #12
A Day In The Life Of Collector Scum
Characters: Buddy, Lisa, Yahtzi Murphy, Collector Steve
Back Cover: Alternate cover

Hate #13
In Search Of The Enigmatic George Cecil Hamilton The Third
Characters: Buddy, George, Lisa
Bonus Story: I Left My Stash In San Francisco starring Leonard
Back Cover: Welcome To Paranoia Archipelago panel 

Hate #14
The Old Flame
Characters: Buddy, Valerie, Lisa, Phil
Bonus story: Stinky Does Gotham
Back Cover: "I Like Comics" fanzine ad

Hate #15
My Pad Revisited
Characters: Buddy, Lisa, Valerie, Stinky, George, Yahtzi
Bonus story: Return To Hate Island starring Bagge, Groth, and Kim Thompson
Back Cover: The Bippy comic starring Bagge, Dan Clowes, and Devlin Thompson

New Jersey, color issues (#16-#30)

Buddy, Go Home! (#16-#20)

Hate #16
Meet The Folks
Characters: Buddy, Lisa, Mom Bradley, Babs Bradley, Pops Bradley, Jay Spano, Jimmy Foley
Inside cover story: The Daily Routine starring Junior
3 Bonus strips
Back inside cover story: I Need A Drink starring The Goon on the Moon
Back Cover: Girl Talk comic starring Lisa and Valerie

Hate #17
Let's Get Serious!
Characters: Buddy, Jay, Lisa, Mom Bradley, Stinky, Valerie, George
Inside cover: Conflict Resolution starring Girly Girl
Back Cover: Peter Bagge/Fantagraphics goods ad

Hate #18
Brother Butch
Characters: Buddy, Butch, Babs, Jay, Mom, Pops
Inside cover: The Cast of Hate
Back Cover: Hanging Out With Buddy's Next-Door Neighbor, Jimmy Foley comic starring Jimmy Foley

Hate #19
Characters: Buddy, Jay, Babs, Butch, Mom, Dad, Lisa
Back Cover: Crumb movie ad

Hate #20
Uncle Buddy
Characters: Buddy, Lisa, Tyler, Alexis, Joel, Jay, Babs
Bonus Story: Who Will Cut My Hair? starring Pops
Back Cover: Sub Pop Records ad

Buddy's Got Three Moms! (#21-#25)

Hate #21

Hate #22

Hate #23

Hate #24

Hate #25

Buddy Bites The Bullet (coming soon)

Hate #26

Hate #27

Hate #28

Hate #29

Hate #30

Hate Jamboree
published in 1998
64 pp.

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