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Yes kids, it's true. Seaweed has ceased to be a band. After playing at the Merge Records 10th Anniversary Party, the band announced that it would no longer continue making music as a band. They said they were happy with the way their last album went. They could have said they were happy with the way their whole CATALOG went, churning out great album after album, the first being the Despised EP on the legendary Sub Pop label, the final being the Actions And Indications album on Merge.

There are absolutely zero good Seaweed sites on the internet. The ones I found are all obsolete (none even mentioned that Seaweed broke up). Instead of complaining about a lack of resource for this great band, I decided to make my own Seaweed page. Seaweed was a great band and this is hopefully a fitting tribute to one of my favorite bands of all time. I love hearing from Seaweed fans; feel free to e-mail me at

This page is still under construction.