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64 Spiders (1985-1987)
James Burdyshaw- guitar, vocal
Joe Ross- bass
Scott McCullum- drums

600 School (1982-?)
John Waterman- vocal
Ben Shepherd- guitar
Mike Swanzi- bass
Chet McKnight- drums

764-HERO (1995-present)
John Atkins- guitar, vocal
James Bertram- bass (1998-present)
Polly Johnson- drums

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Accused (1981-?)
Tom Niemeyer- vocal, guitar (1981-?)
Blaine Cook- vocal (1984-?)
John Dahlin- vocal (1982-1984)
Alex Sibbald- bass (1987-?)
Chibon Batterman (Chewy)- vocal, bass (1981-1987)
Devin- drums (1991-?)
Josh Sinder- drums (1989-1991)
Steve- drums (1988-1989)
Dana Collins- drums (1981-1988)

Alice in Chains (Diamond Lie) (1987-present)
Layne Staley- vocal
Jerry Cantrell- guitar, vocal
Mike Inez- bass (1993-present)
Michael Starr- bass (1987-1993)
Sean Kinney- drums

Alcohol Funnycar (1990-1997?)
Ben London- guitar, vocal
Tommy Bonehead (Simpson)- bass
Joel Trueblood- drums
rep. Buzz Crocker- drums
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Beat Happening (1984-present)
Calvin Johnson- vocal
Brett Lunsford- guitar
Heather Lewis- drums

Best Kissers In The World (?-1995)
Gerald Collier- vocal
Jeff Stone- guitar
rep. Jimmy Paulsen- guitar
rep. Stet Olsen- guitar
Paul Schurr- bass
rep. Dave Swafford- bass
rep. Danny Bland- bass
Tim Arnold- drums
rep. Andhi Spath- drums

Bikini Kill (1991-1999)
Kathleen Hanna- vocal
Billy Karren- guitar
Kathy Wilcox- bass
Tobi Vail- drums

Blind Horse
Chris Tilden- vocal
Bruce Fairwather- guitar
Mark Patterson- bass
Greg Gilmore- drums
rep. Richard Stuverud- drums

Bloodloss (1993?-?)
Mark Arm- guitar, harmonical, vocal
Renestair EJ- guitar, tenor sax, vocal
Guy Madison- bass, trumpet, vocal
Martin Bland, drums, guitar, vocal

Blood Circus (1989?-1990?, 1993-1994)
Michael Anderson- vocal, guitar
Geoff Robinson- guitar
T-Man (Tracey Simmons)- bass
Doug Day- drums

Brad (Shame) (1993-present)
Shawn Smith- vocal
Stone Gossard- guitar
Mike Berg- bass (1996?-present?)
rep. Jeremy Toback- bass (1993-1996?)
Regan Hagar- drums

Built to Spill (1992-present)
Doug Martsch- vocal, guitar, bass
Brett Nelson- guitar, bass
James Bertram- bass (1995)
Scott Plouf- drums (1996-present)
Dave Schneider- drums (1995)
Andy Capps- drums (1993-1994)
Ralf Youtz- drums (1992-1993)
John McMahon- cello (1995)

Bundle of Hiss (Bold Pandas, Fruit Bats) (1980-1988)
Jamie Layne- guitar, vocal (1984-1988)
Russ Bartlett- vocal (1983-1986), drums (1980-1983)
Kurt Schonberg- vocal (1980-1983)
Tad Doyle- guitar, vocal (1987-1988)
Jeff Hopper- guitar (1980-1984/5)
Kurt Danielson- bass, vocal
Dan Peters- drums (1984-1988)

Butterfly Train
Brett Netson- vocal, guitar, bass
Eric Penney- guitar, vocal
Ambrose Richardson- bass
Andy Capps- drums
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Candlebox (1991-present)
Kevin Martin- vocal
Peter Klett- guitar
Bardi Martin- bass
Dave Krusen- drums (1998-present)
Scott Mercado- drums (1991-1998)

Capping Day (1986-present)
Laura Weller- vocal, guitar
Bonnie Hammond- vocal, keyboard
Joe Ross- bass
Scott McCullum- drums

Cat Butt
David E. Duet- vocal
Tom Price- guitar
Danny Bland- bass
James Burdyshaw- guitar
Charlie Ryan- drums

Caustic Resin (1989-present)
Brett Nelson- guitar
Tom Romich- bass
James Dillion- drums
Pat Apt- drums

Chemistry Set (1984-1989?)
Scott Sutherland- guitar, vocal
Tom Ewers- guitar
Bryan Learned- bass
Bill Campbell- guitar
Scott Vanderpool- drums

Citizens Utilities (1992-1999)
Chad Shaver- vocal
Joshua Medaris- guitar
Bill Herzog- bass
Eric Akre- drums

Coffin Break (1987-1992)
Rob Skinner- bass, vocal
Peter Litwin- guitar, vocal
Jeff Lorien- guitar
David Brooks- drums

Crackerbash (1989-1994)
Sean Croghan- vocal, guitar
Scott Fox- bass
Theodore Miller- drums

Critter's Buggin (1994-present)
Brad Houser- bass
Skerik- horns
John Bush- percussion (1994-?)
Matt Chaimberlain- drums
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Daddy Hate Box
Peter Litwin- vocal, guitar
Allan Tompkins- bass
Steve Wied- drums

Dancing French Liberals of '48 (Spear and Magic Helmet) (1994-1997)
Joe Spleen (Andrew Kessler)- vocal, guitar
Julian Gibson- guitar
Matt Dresdner- bass
Steve Moriarity- drums

Dead Moon
Fred Cole- vocal, guitar
Toody Cole- bass
Andrew Loomis- drums

Deranged Diction (1982-1984)
Tim Healy- vocal (1984?)
Tom Kipp- vocal (1983?-1984?)
Rod Moody- vocal (1982-1983?)
Bruce Fairweather- guitar
Jeff Ament- bass
Sergio Avenia- drums

Duane Bodenheimer- vocal
Neil Rogers- guitar
Ian Dunsmore- guitar
Joe Kilbourne- bass
Ric Biloti- drums

Devilhead (1993-present)
Brian Wood- vocal
Kevin Wood- guitar
Ben Shepherd- guitar (1997)
Tim Young- guitar, vocal (1995-1997)
John McBain- guitar (1993-1995)
Cory Kane- bass (1995-present)
John Waterman- bass (1993-1995)
Mike Stone- drums (1995-present)
Luke Kimble- drums (1993-1995)

Dickless (1989?-1990?)
Kelly Canary- vocal
Kerry Green- guitar
Jana McCall- bass
Lisa Smith- drums

Disinformation (1997-present)
Mark Lanegan- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
John Baker Saunders- bass (1997-1999)
Barrett Martin- drums

Dub Narcotic Sound System (1993-present)
Calvin Johnson- vocal
Brian Weber- guitar, keyboard
Chris Sutton- bass
Heather Dunn- drums
rep. Larry Butler- drums

Ducky Boys (1982-1983)
Jeff Covell- vocal?
Stone Gossard- guitar
Steve Turner- bass?

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Earth (1990-1998)
Dylan Carlson- guitar, vocal
Greg Babior (1990?)
Matthew "Slim" Moon- guitar?, vocal (1990?)
Dave Harwell (1991?-1998?)
Carl Anala (1991 or 1992)
Shawn McElligot- guitar (1996-1998?)
Mike McDaniels- drums (1996-1998?)

Mike Kunka- bass, vocal
Zac Sally- bass, vocal
Danny Sasaki- drums, vocals

Episode (1988-1990?)
Ben Shepherd- vocal, guitar
John Waterman- bass
Andy Miller- drums

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Fall-Outs (1985-?)
Dave Holmes- vocal, guitar
Shannon McConnell- bass, vocal (1985-1991, 1993-present)
Steve Turner- bass (1992?)
Dino Lencioni- drums

Fastbacks (1979-present)
Kim Warnick- vocal, bass
Lulu Gargiulo- vocal, guitar
Mile Musburger- drums (1994-present)
Jason Finn- drums (1994)
Dan Peters- drums (1994)
John Moen- drums (1993-1994)
Rusty Willoughby- drums (1991-1993)
Nate Johnson- drums (1988-1991, 1994, 1996)
Danny Zakos- drums (1985)
Richard Stuverud- drums (1982-1988)
Duff McKagan- drums (1981-1982)

Tom Mick- vocal
Pony Maurice- vocal
Danny Blossom- guitar?
Jane Higgins- bass
Dan Peters- drums

Flop (1989?-1995)
Rusty Willoughby- vocal, guitar
Bill Campbell- guitar
Dave Fox- bass (1994?-1995?)
Mick Vee- bass (1994?)
Paul Schurr- bass (1989?-1994)
Nate Johnson- drums

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Gardener (1998-present)
Aaron Stauffer- vocal, guitar
Van Conner- guitar, bass
Pat Conner- drums

Gas Huffer (The Del Lagunas) (1989-present)
Matt Wright- vocal
Tom Price- guitar
Don Blackstone- bass
Joe Newton- drums

Girl Trouble (1984-present)
Kurt Kendall- vocal (1984-1986,1987-present)
David E. Duet- vocal (1986?)
Bill Henderson- guitar
Dale Phillips- bass
Bon Von Wheelie (Henderson)- drums

Gits (1986-1993)
Mia Zapata- vocal
Joe Spleen (Andrew Kessler)- guitar
Matt Dresdner- bass
Steve Moriarty- drums

Goodness (1994-present)
Carrie Akre- vocal
Danny Newcomb- guitar, vocal
Garth Reeves- guitar, vocal
Fiia McGann- bass, vocal, cello (1994)
Chris Friel- drums (1995-present)

Mike Kunka- bass, vocal
Dan Haugh- drums

Green River (1984-1987)
Mark Arm- vocal
Bruce Fairweather- guitar (1985-1987)
Stone Gossard- guitar (1985-1987)
Steve Turner- guitar (1984-1985)
Jeff Ament- bass
Alex Shumway/Vincent- drums

Gruntruck (1990-1997)
Ben McMillan- vocal
Tom Niemeyer- guitar
Alex Sibbald- bass
rep. Tim Paul- bass
Josh Sinder- drums
Scott McCullum/Norman Scott- drums
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H-Hour (1983-1987)
Johnny Clint- vocals
Danny Brown- guitar
Darren Peters- bass
Tad Doyle- drums

Halo Benders
Doug Martsch- vocal, guitar
Calvin Johnson- vocal, guitar
Wayne Flower- bass, drums
Ralf Youtz- drums, guitar
Steve Fisk- organ, synthesizer, etc.

Hammerbox (1990-1994)
Carrie Akre- vocal
Harris Thurmond- guitar
James Atkins- bass
Dave Bosch- drums, vocal

Hater (1993-present)
Brian Wood- vocal
John McBain- guitar
Ben Shepherd- guitar, vocal
Alan Davis- bass (1995-present)
Jason Waterman- bass (1993-1995)
Matt Cameron- drums, vocal

Peter Krebs- guitar, vocal
Brady Smith- bass
Jody Bleyle- drums, vocal
Fred Nemo- dance

Hole (1990-present)
Courtney Love- vocal, guitar
Eric Erlandson- guitar
Melissa Auf Der Maur- bass (1994-present)
Kristen Pfaff- bass (1992-1994)
Leslie Hardy- bass (1992)
Jill Emery- bass (1990-1992)
Samantha Maloney- drums (1998-present)
Patty Schemel- drums (1992-1998)
Caroline Rue- drums (1990-1992)

Hush Harbor (1993-1994)
John Atkins- guitar, vocal
John Wickhart- bass

Andy Rohrman- drums


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Juned (1993-present)
Dan Balensifen- vocal, guitar
Claudia Groom- guitar
Leslie Hardy- bass
Lenny Rennalls- drums
Nalini Cheriel

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Kent 3
Viv Halogen- vocal, guitar
Adam Grendon- bass
Tyler Long- drums

Kill Sybil (Sybil) (1990-1993)
Tammy Watson- vocal
Dale Balensiefen- guitar
Larry Schemel- guitar
Leslie Hardy- bass
rep. Jeff Simoncini- bass
rep. Robin Peringer- bass
Eric Akre- drums
rep. Patty Schemel- drums

Kings of Rock (1988?-1989?)
Tom Price- vocal, guitar
Tim Hayes- guitar
Don Blackstone- bass

Dan Ryan- drums

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Limp Richerds (1982-1985)
Dave Middleton- vocal
Charles Quain- guitar
Steve Turner- guitar (1983-1985?)
Werner Cooke- bass
Scott Schickler- drums, guitar
Mark Arm- drums

Love As Laughter
Sam Jayne- guitar, vocal
Jessica Espeleta- guitar
Leslie Hardy- bass
Dave Schneider- drums

Love Battery (1989-present)
Ron Nine (Rudzitis)- vocal, guitar
Kevin Whitworth- guitar
Bruce Fairweather- bass (1992-1996?)
Jim Tillman- bass (1990-1992)
Tommy Bonehead (Simpson)- bass (1989-1990)
Brian Nelson- drums (1996-present)
Mike Musburger- drums (1996)
Jason Finn- drums (1989-1994)
Dan Peters- drums (1989?,1995-1996)

Luv Co.
Shawn Smith- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
rep. Tom Gunn- guitar
Tim Dijulio
Chris Friel
Jeff Ament- bass
Richard Stuverud- drums

James Bertram- bass
Dave Schneider- drums

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Mad Season (The Gacy Bunch) (1994-1995)
Layne Staley- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
John Baker Saunders- bass
Barrett Martin- drums

Malfunkshun (1980-1987)
Andrew Wood- vocal
Kevin Wood- guitar
Regan Hagar- drums

Mandarin (1998-present)
Christopher Brady- bass, vocal
Steven Birch- guitar
Paul Johnson- drums

March of Crimes (1984-1985?)
Jon Evason- vocal
Pete Droge- guitar
Stone Gossard- guitar
Ben Shepherd- guitar
Andy Carrow- bass
Steve Nelson- drums

Marfa Lights (Anodyne) (1994-present)
Steve Mack- vocal
Harris Thurmond- guitar
Marcus Pina- bass (1996-present)
James Atkins- bass (1994?-1996)
Rob Dent- drums (1997-present)
Dov Friedmand- drums (1996-1997)
Brad Mowen- drums (1994?-1996?)

Melvins (1985-present)
Buzz Osborne- vocal, guitar
Kevin Rutmanis- bass (1998-present)
Mark Deutrom- bass (1993-1997)
Dave Trissid- bass (1993??)
Joe Preston- bass (1991-1992)
Lori Black- bass 1987-1991, 1993)
Matt Lukin- bass (1985-1986)
Dale Crover- drums (1985-present)
Mike Dillard- drums (1985)

Mind Circus (1985)
Ben Shepherd- vocal, guitar
John Waterman- bass
Chad Channing- drums

Minus 5 (1993-present)
Scott McCaughey- vocal, guitar
Peter Buck- guitar
Ken Stringfellow- bass
Jon Auer- drums

Modest Mouse (1994-present)
Isaac Brock- vocal, guitar
Eric Judy- bass
Jeremiah Green- drums

Monkeywrench (1991,1999-present)
Mark Arm- vocal, keyboard, harmonica
Tom Price- guitar
Tim Kerr- guitar, vocal
Steve Turner- bass, vocal
Martin Bland- drums, vocal

Mono Men (1989-1998)
Mort Mortensen- vocal, guitar
rep. Marx Right- vocal
Dave Crider- guitar
Ledge Morissette- bass
Aaron Roeder- drums

Mother Love Bone (Lords of the Wasteland 1987-1988) (1988-1990)
Andrew Wood- vocal
Stone Gossard- guitar
Bruce Fairweather- guitar
Jeff Ament- bass
Greg Gilmore- drums
Regan Hagar- drums (Wasteland 1987-1988)

Mr. Epp and the Calculations (1981-1984)
Joe Smitty (Jeff Smith)- vocal
Mark Arm- guitar, vocal
Steve Turner- guitar (1983-1984)
Todd Why (Morey)- bass
Darren Mor-x (Morey)- drums

Murder City Devils (1998?-present)
Spencer Moody- vocal
Dann Galucci- guitar
Nate Manny- guitar
Derek Fudesco- bass
Coady Willis- drums
Leslie Hardy- farfisa organ

Mudhoney (1988-present)
Mark Arm- vocal
Steve Turner- guitar
Matt Lukin- bass (1988-1999)
Dan Peters- drums

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