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Alice Mudgarden
Layne Staley- vocal
Chris Cornell- vocal
Mark Arm- vocal
Jerry Cantrell- vocal, guitar
Mike Starr- bass
Sean Kinney- drums, percussion
note: Recorded one song "Right Turn" on Alice in Chains EP Sap. "Right Turn" written by Jerry Cantrell.

Built to Spill Caustic Resin (1994-1995)
Doug Martsch- vocal, guitar
Brett Nelson- guitar, vocal
Tom Romich- bass
James Dillion- drums, percussion
notes: Made one tour together, recorded joint EP on Up Records.

Eddy & The Back Nine
Ed Fotheringham- vocal
Bill Campbell- guitar
Paul Schurr?- bass
Rusty Willoughby- drums, percussion
notes: Collaboration of Ed Fotheringham and Flop. Recorded one 4 song EP on Steve Turner's SuperElectro label.

The Impostors 6
Chris Ballew
Kim Thayil
Conrad Uno
Kurt Bloch
Dave Dederer
Jason Finn
notes: Recorded a one off cover of "New York Groove" for an Ace Frehley tribute album.

The Jury
Mark Lanegan- vocal
Kurt Cobain- guitar
Krist Novoselic- bass
Mark Pickerel- drums, percussion
notes: Screaming Trees/Nirvana collaboration recorded two songs, "Where Did You Sleep Last Night?", which appeared on the Mark Lanegan album The Winding Sheet and "Ain't It A Shame" which remains in the Sub Pop vaults.

Chris Cornell- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
Jeff Ament- bass
Matt Cameron- drums, percussion
notes: M.A.C.C. acronym for McCready/Ament/Cornell/Cameron. Recorded one song "Hey Baby (Land of the Rising Sun)" for Jimi Hendrix tribute album.

No WTO Combo
Jello Biafra- vocal
Kim Thayil- guitar
Krist Novoselic- bass
Recorded one EP during the WTO protests in Seattle for Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label.

$10,000 Gold Chain
Tyler Willman- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
Tim Dijulio- guitar
Mari Anne Braeden- bass, vocal
Chris Friel- drums, percussion
notes: Collaboration of members of Green Apple Quick Step (Willman and Braeden), Pearl Jam (McCready), Goodness (Friel), and Lazy Suzan (Dijuilo). Recorded one Lou Reed cover "Oh! Sweet Nothin'" for the Cable Guy soundtrack.

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