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split EPs | compilations/soundtracks
re-issue album: re-released on cd, or combination of two records (ex: Soundgarden: Screaming Life/Fopp)
re-issue+: re-issue with bonus tracks (ex: Blood Circus: Primal Rock Therapy)
out of print: album no longer in print
vinyl only: title is only pressed on vinyl
EP: extended play cd
live: album of concert or unplugged performance
compilation: best-of, outtakes, b-sides, or other single band compilation
2cd/3cd/etc.: multi-disc release
enhanced cd: cd has computer multimedia material
band/album label catalog number release date notes
God's Balls Sub Pop SP 27 (1988?) vinyl only/out of print
Salt Lick (+ God's Balls) Sub Pop SP 49 (1990) out of print
8-Way Santa Sub Pop SP 89 (1991)
Jack Pepsi EP Sub Pop SP 99 (1991) out of print
Salem EP Sub Pop SP 182 (1992)
Inhaler Giant/Mechanic 9 24525-2 (1993)
Live Alien Broadcasts Futurist catalog (19??)
Infrared Riding Hood East West/Electra catalog (1995)

Teen Angels
Daddy Sub Pop SP 330 (19??)

Temple of the Dog
Temple of the Dog A&M 75021 5350 2 (1991)
(see Pearl Jam, Soundgarden)

Three Fish
Three Fish Sony Music catalog (1996)
The Quiet Table Sony Music catalog (1999)
(see Pearl Jam)

Time Whore EP (self released) catalog (19??)
Guilt, Regret, Embarrassment Toxic Shock catalog (19??)
Something Vicious For Tomorrow C/Z CZ040 (1992)
Just Kidding C/Z CZ053 (1993)
Actual Re-Enactment C/Z CZ080 (1994)

Married In The Playground EP Sub Pop SP 118 (1991)
Fast Stories... From Kid Coma Capitol catalog (19??)
Feeling You Up Thick catalog (1997)

Breaking The Ethers Epic EK 67908 (1997)
Trading With The Enemy Epic EK 68850 (1998)

Solid Action (compilation) Chuckie Boy 116-51013 (2000)

Violent Green
Eros Up UP 010 (19??)
From Cycles Of Heat Up UP 034 (19??)
Hangovers In The Ancient World Up UP 056 (19??)

See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens PopLlama PLCD 4129 (19??)
Cataract Sub Pop SP 31 (19??) vinyl only
Rag & Bone (+Cataract) EP Sub Pop SP 56 (1989) out of print (cd)
Where The Deep Water Goes EP Sub Pop SP 117 (1991)
Scavenger Sub Pop SP 124 (1991)
Dead Man Rise Sub Pop SP 150 (1992)

Wellwater Conspiracy
Declaration of Conformity Third Gear catalog (1997)
Brotherhood of Electric: Operational Directive BMG/Time Bomb catalog (1999)

Young Fresh Fellows
The Fabulous Sounds Of The Pacific Northwest PopLlama PL 493 (1984)
Topsy Turvy PopLlama PL 20 (1985)
The Men Who Loved Music Frontier 31021 (1987)
Totally Lost Frontier 31028 (1988)
This One's For The Ladies Frontier 31034 (1989)
GAG Fah (compilation) PopLlama catalog (1990)
Electric Bird Digest Frontier 31041 (1991)
It's Low Beat Time Frontier 31053 (1992)
Temptation on Sunday EP PopLlama PLCD 9117 (1994)

Super Sound Racing Scooch Pooch P016 (19??)
Flat Tracker Scooch Pooch P020 (19??)
Kicked In The Teeth Epitaph 86513 (1998)

8-Track Player eMpTy MTR178 (19??)
Baltimore eMpTy MTR253 (19??)

Sub Pop




vinyl only/out of print




enhanced cd