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re-issue album: re-released on cd, or combination of two records (ex: Soundgarden: Screaming Life/Fopp)
re-issue+: re-issue with bonus tracks (ex: Blood Circus: Primal Rock Therapy)
out of print: album no longer in print
vinyl only: title is only pressed on vinyl
EP: extended play cd
live: album of concert or unplugged performance
compilation: best-of, outtakes, b-sides, or other single band compilation
2cd/3cd/etc.: multi-disc release
enhanced cd: cd has computer multimedia material
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split EPs
Beat Happening/Screaming Trees
Built to Spill/Caustic Resin
Gas Huffer/Mudhoney
Modest Mouse/764-HERO
Mudhoney/Jimmie Dale Gilmore
Reverend Horton Heat/Supersuckers
Supersuckers/Steve Earle


1989-1993: The John Peel Sub Pop Sessions Sub Pop SP 254 (1994)
(featuring Mudhoney (3), TAD, Seaweed (2), Pond (2), others)

Another DAMNED Seattle Compilation Dashboard Hula Girl catalog (19??)
(featuring Young Fresh Fellows, Flop, Posies, Fastbacks, Coffin Break, Love Battery, Hammerbox, Gruntruck, etc.)

Bite Back: Live At The Crocodile Cafe PopLlama PLCD 2200 (1996)
(featuring Love Battery, TAD, Mad Season, Young Fresh Fellows, Fastbacks, Built to Spill, Gas Huffer, Minus 5, Flop, Steel Wool, Spinanes, Picketts, etc.)

Deep Six C/Z CZ001 (1986) (CD on A&M Records 69712 4000 2, 1994, out of print on both formats)
(featuring Soundgarden, Melvins, Green River, U-Men, Malfunkshun, Skin Yard)

eMpty Sampler eMpTy MTR273 (1994)
(featuring Kill Sybil, Crackerbash, Gas Huffer, Girl Trouble, Steel Wool, Zipgun, Sinister Six, etc.)

eMpTy Sampler 2 eMpTy MTR353 (1997?)
(featuring Crackerbash, ZipGun, Derelicts, Steel Wool, Sinister Six, others)

The Grunge Years Sub Pop SP 112 (1991)
(featuring Nirvana, TAD, Love Battery, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Mark Lanegan solo, Beat Happening, Dickless, etc.)

Home Alive: The Art of Self-Defense (2cd) Epic E2K 67486 (1996)
(featuring Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Fastbacks, Love Battery, Supersuckers, Posies, Seven Year Bitch, Gits, Dancing French Liberals of '48, etc.)

Hype! soundtrack Sub Pop SP 371 (1996)
(featuring Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Green River, Nirvana, Fastbacks (2), TAD, Flop, Posies, Pigeonhed, Mark Lanegan solo, Gas Huffer, Girl Trouble, U-Men, Wipers, Supersuckers, Young Fresh Fellows, etc.)

International Hip Swing K KLP16 (1991?)
(featuring Beat Happening, Seaweed, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Gravel, Girl Trouble, Mecca Normal, etc.)

International Pop Underground Convention K KLP11 (1991)
(featuring Seaweed, Spinanes, Beat Happening, Melvins, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Fastbacks, Girl Trouble, etc.)

singles soundtrack Epic Soundtrax EK 52476 (1992)
(featuring Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam (2), Soundgarden, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, Chris Cornell solo, others)

Stacked Up! Up UP 14 (19??)
(featuring Built to Spill, Caustic Resin, Built to Spill Caustic Resin, Butterfly Train, Juned, Hush Harbor, Violent Green, Mike Johnson (2), etc.)

Sound: Check sampler (2cd) Sub Pop SP 433 (1998)
(featuring Spinanes (2), Mark Lanegan (2), godheadSilo (2), 10 Minute Warning (2), Murder City Devils (2), others)

Sub Pop 200 Sub Pop SP 25 (1988) re-issue
(featuring Soundgarden, Mudhoney, Nirvana, TAD, Green River, Screaming Trees, Fastbacks, Girl Trouble, Thrown-Ups, Blood Circus, Beat Happening, Steve Fisk, etc.)

Teriyaki Asthma Vol. I-V C/Z CZ037 (19??)
(featuring Nirvana, Coffin Break, Daddy Hate Box, Gas Huffer, Dickless, My Name, Vexed, etc.)

Teriyaki Asthma Vol. VI-X C/Z CZ093 (19??)
(featuring Treepeople, Love Battery, Thrown-Ups, Hammerbox, Skyward, Crackerbash, etc.)

Twisted Willie Justice catalog (19??)
(featuring Gas Huffer, Supersuckers, Best Kissers in the World, Jerry Cantrell, M. Lanegan/M. Johnson/B. Martin/D. Peters, etc.)

Up In Orbit! Up UP 45 (1997)
(featuring Built to Spill, Caustic Resin, Mike Johnson, Violent Green, 764-HERO, Modest Mouse, others)

Up Next Up UP 60 (1998)
(featuring Modest Mouse, 764-HERO, TAD, Dickless, Mike Johnson, Modest Mouse/764-HERO, others)

Working Class Hero: A Tribute to John Lennon Hollywood HR-62015-2 (1995)
(featuring Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Candlebox, Minus 5, others)

World of the Zombies PopLlama PLCD 85 (19??)
(featuring Young Fresh Fellows (2), Flop (2), Posies (2), Fastbacks (2), others)

Yo Yo a Go Go ('94) Yo Yo YOYO4 (1994)
(featuring Girl Trouble, godheadSilo, Team Dresch (2), Some Velvet Sidewalk, Halo Benders, etc.)

Yo Yo a Go Go ('97) Yo Yo YOYO10 (1997)
(featuring Built to Spill, Sleater-Kinney, Dead Moon, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Dub Narcotic Sound System, etc.)

Suicide Squeeze
Sub Pop
Sub Pop
Sub Pop

Sub Pop






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