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Ramblings II
Monday, August 26, 2002
11:59 am

First day of school. Three classes today, MCO110 Intro to Mass Communication, PHI101 Intro to Philosophy, and FRE102 French II. Went to the doctor after class and found out I have evey sympton for strep throat. I feel like total shit. Ive done little more than sleep or lie in bed and watch tv since I got home. Doctor gave me some penecillinthat supposed to make me feel better. I feel a little better now, though the only thing I've eaten today are two bags of Ramen Noodle soup. Hopefully tommorow I feel better. What a fucking time to get real sick.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

5:37 am

What is it about the 3-4 am hour that keeps waking me up and not letting me go back to sleep? This is the second straight night. I was bored so I've been working on the site. Watching the sun come up is kinda nice, it's starting to get bright outside. The new site is basically a re-design of the old site, there isn't much new (except the credits), but at least there's no yellow background on any of these pages.

Albums I've been listening to in the last 2 and a half hours

Afghan Whigs, 1965
Queensryche, Empire
Seaweed, Four
Seaweed, Go Your Own Way EP

Old Journal Entries
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