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11 July 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
main page, bands, and labels pages redesigned.
archives additions: new article, from Rocket 4/7/99.
bands- collaborations additions: No WTO Combo.
discography- video list reformatted.
Bagge updates.

10 July 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
discography updates: 764-HERO, Built to Spill, Hush Harbor, Jana McCall, Modest Mouse, Monkeywrench.
labels additions: 206, Airforce, Blood Red, Laundry Room, Schizophonic.

8 July 2000

News about the NEW Presidents of the United States of America album!!
"Freaked Out And Small" is the title of the new album from The Presidents of the United States of America. After an absence of over three years they are back! Keri Abrams of has just issued a statement informing the PUSA-faithful of the details on this new release.

She reports that the band has won back the right to use their name after long and dragged-out legal scraps with Sony Records (their former label). Up until recently the group had been using the name "The Quitters" in reference to their retirement three years ago.

The new full length album will be released on CD etc in the autumn of 2000. However, a "fan edition" release will be available from much earlier. Here are the songs:

Blank Baby, Death Star, Headin' Out, I'm Mad, Jazz Guy, Jupiter, Meanwhile Back In The City,  Nuthin' But Luv, Superstar, Tiger Bomb, Tiny Explosions, plus one more.

triple cycle theory updates:
bands additions: 64 Spiders, Alcohol Funnycar, Capping Day, Silkworm.
bands- collaborat
ions additions: The Impostors 6.
connections updates: Presidents of the United States of America.
appearances updates: Jerry Cantrell, Mark Lanegan, Kim Thayil.
members updates: Chris Ballew, Dave Dederer, Jason Finn, Tad Hutchinson.

7 July 2000
New "Northwest Passage" compilation available now at EMP.
A 2 cd compilation has been released by Sub Pop to
commemorate the opening of Paul Allen's Experience Music Project. This compilation "Northwest Passage" spans the last 50 years of Northwest music, from the Wailers and Ventures to Heart to Green River and Mudhoney to Pearl Jam to Built to Spill, Pond, and Sunny Day Real Estate. Buy it direct from

triple cycle theory updates:
connections additions: Posies, Sunny Day Real Estate (2).
many history updates.
labels updates: LABELS page reformatted, redesigned.
studios update: STUDIOS section added.

6 July 2000
Sub Pop to re-issue Nirvana's Bleach, Soundgarden's Screaming Life, Mudhoney's Superfuzz Bigmuff, and Dwarves' Blood, Guts, and Pussy on vinyl July 18.
Straight from the Sub Pop traffic report: REISSUES: bless-you. We have wax for your ears in July with fancy pants vinyl reissues of NIRVANA, Bleach; MUDHONEY Superfuzz Bigmuff; DWARVES Blood Guts and Pussy, and SOUNDGARDEN Screaming Life. We could very well call these records a 4 pack primer for anyone who missed Seattle's music explosion before it was immortalized in a made-for-TV movie.

triple cycle theory updates:
bands list additions: Marfa Lights.
Bagge updates: Hate checklist.
video list updates:
Sunny Day Real Estate, For The Cash movie, Singles movie.

30 June 2000
9 Dead, many others injured at Pearl Jam performance at Roskilde Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark.
About an hour into the show, a number of people were seriously injured in the mosh pit during Pearl Jam's show at Roskilde. Reports are nine dead, as many as 19 in critical condition, and possibly up to 30 more hospitalized for other injuries. See Synergy for a statement from the band.

Postscript: The two remaining Pearl Jam shows have been cancelled.

28 June 2000
Report: Screaming Trees are done.
According to an internet article, the EMP show that the Screaming Trees played June 23 will be their last. The band, which
has not released an album since 1996's Dust, had been rumored to be working on a new album. Said singer Mark Lanegan: "The other guys have families and other projects to work on. And I'm working on my fifth solo record." For the complete article click here.

19 June 2000
Pearl Jam's next single- "Light Years".
Sony has confirmed that the next single will be "Light Years" backed with live versions of the songs "Soon Forget" and "
Grievance", recorded live from the Bellingham, WA show May 10. The single will be released July 18 in the United States and in the United Kingdom July 3. 

16 June 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
bagge section updates: Hate checklist (Seattle issues)
discography updates: Jack Endino projects, Gruntruck, Skin Yard (source:, Bundle of Hiss, Spinanes, U-Men.

15 June 2000
Our apologies to everyone for the lack of updates in the last two weeks. We were experiencing problems with our server but it seems to be fine now. We hope some of you bought the new Murder City Devils album, In Name and Blood, June 6 and the new Modest Mouse album June 13.

Don't forget!! Only 5 days until the NEW Sunny Day Real Estate album, The Rising Tide, their fourth. And only 8 days until the opening of EMP!

discography updates: Murder City Devils, Pearl Jam, Walkabouts.
major history updates.
studio updates: Bad Animals.

Lanegan, 764-HERO to play Showbox
from Undertow, the Mark Lanegan page:
Mark Langean and 764-HERO are playing the Showbox in Seattle June 30!!! Tickets are on sale now!

Murder City Devils tour dates

01 San
Francisco      Bottom of the Hill      21+
02 San
Francisco      Bottom of the Hill      All Ages
03 Santa Cruz            Veteran's Hall            All Ages
05 Pomona, CA            Glasshouse                  All Ages
06 TBA
07 Santa Barbara, CA      Living Room            Not sure
08 Hollywood            Troubador                  All Ages
09 LA- area           
Unannounced Show Stay Tuned  All Ages
10 LA- area           
Unannounced Show Stay Tuned  21+
11 Tempe, AZ            Double Zero
12 El Paso, TX            Wasted Generation      All Ages
13 San Antonio, TX      TBA
14 Austin                  Emo's
15 Dallas                  Club Clearview
16 Houston                  Mary Jane's
18 New Orleans            Shim Sham Club
19/20/21 FLORIDA <-- First time since our first tour!!!!!!!
22 Atlanta                  Masquerade
23 Athens, GA            Ultramod Compound
24 Raleigh, NC            King's
25 Washington, DC      Black Cat
27 Hoboken, NJ            Maxwell's
28 NYC                  CBGB's
Philadelphia      4040 Wherehouse (Venue will change)
30 Cleveland, OH      Euclid Tavern

01 Detroit, MI            Gold Dollar
02 TBA
03 TBA
04 Cincinatti, OH      Southgate House
05 Chicago                  Fireside Bowl
06 Kalamazoo, MI      Club Soda
07 St. Louis            Side Door
09 Lawrence, KS            Reply Lounge
10 Denver                  15th Street Tavern
11 Salt Lake City      DV8 Basement
13 Las Vegas            Vegas Shakedown

2 June 2000
Webmaster's note: Okay, we're back from Europe after nearly a two week absence. Time for some updates. We plan on adding plenty of updates this weekend, before we are off (again) to Chicago for a few days. Here are some tour dates.

Modest Mouse

2 June    Austin TX    Stubbs Bar-B-Q
4 June    Albuquerque NM    Launch Pad (w/ Califone, The Shins)
5 June    Tucson AZ    The Rialto Theater
6 June    Tempe AZ    Nita's Hideaway
7 June    San Diego CA    Canes Bar & Grill
8 June    Los Angeles CA    El Rey Theatre (w/ The Shins)
9 June    Los Angeles CA    El Rey Theatre (w/Califone)
11 June  San Francisco CA    The Great American Music Hall (w/ Califone)
12 June  San Francisco CA    The Great American Music Hall (w/ Califone)
13 June  San Francisco CA    The Great American Music Hall
14 June  Santa Cruz CA    The Catalyst
15 June  Eugene OR    Wow Hall
16 June  Seattle WA    Showbox
17 June  Seattle WA    Showbox

Sunny Day Real Estate

20 June    Seattle WA    Showbox
22 June    Salt Lake City UT    Bricks
23 June    Boulder CO    Fox Theatre (w/ Groove Collective)
25 June    Lawrence KS    Bottleneck
26 June    St Louis MO    Firehouse
28 June    Minneapolis MN    First Ave.
29 June    Chicago IL    Cabaret Metro
1 July       Cleveland OH    Odeon Concert Club
2 July       Detroit MI    St. Andrews
6 July       Boston MA    Axis
8 July       Philadelphia PA    Trocadero Theatre
9 July       Washington DC    930 Club
11 July     New York NY    Irving Plaza
13 July     Raleigh NC    Cat's Cradle
14 July     Atlanta GA    Masquerade
15 July     Athens GA    40 Watt Club
17 July     New Orleans LA    The Parish
19 July    Austin TX    La Zona Rosa
20 July    Dallas TX    Deep Ellum Live
22 July    Albuquerque NM    Launchpad
25 July    San Diego CA    Canes
27 July    Los Angeles CA    Troubadour
28 July   
Los Angeles CA    Troubadour
29 July    San Francisco CA    Slims
31 July    Portland OR    Paradigm

18 May 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
guest appearances updates.
history updates.
studios list updates/additions: Robert Lang, Steve Lawson, etc.

14 May 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
major history updates.

8 May 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
history page reformatted.
members list updates: Kurt Bloch, Duff McKagan, Richard Stuverud, Nate Johnson, Rusty Willoughby, Mike Musburger, Tad Hutchinson, Jason Finn. (source: Fastbacks Giant Lever)

6 May 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
birthdays updates.
members list updates: Doug Martsch, Shawn Smith.

22 April 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
guest appearances
studio list additions: Hanzsek, Ironwood.

21 April 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
bands list update: Tube Top.
members list update: Skerik, Isaac Brock, Dave Fox, Leslie Hardy, Mike Musburger, Brian Naubert.

18 April 2000

Built to Spill live album out NOW.

Get off your ass right now and head for the record store and buy the Built to Spill album, Live, right now.

12 April 2000

Reminder: Pearl Jam on Letterman tonight.
Get your VCR's ready, Pearl Jam will perform on the David Letterman show tonight, to, most likely, play their new single "Nothing as it Seems". Check your local listings.

triple cycle theory updates:
discography updates: eMpTy sampler, Sound:Check.

9 April 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
members list: Pat Conner, Blaine Cook, Joe Howard, Tom Mick, John Polle, Scott Schmaljohn, Scott Vanderpool.

31 March 2000

Built to Spill live album/tour dates.

What happens on April 18? Well, for one, the newest Built to Spill album, Live, will be released on this date. All the songs are from the 1999 US tour. Once we get a tracklist, we'll post it here.

2000 Tour Dates
Apr-21 Boston, MA The Roxy
Apr-22 Philadelphia, PA Trocadero
Apr-23 Washington, DC 930 Club
Apr-25 New York, NY Irving Plaza
Apr-26 New York, NY Irving Plaza
Apr-28 Lancaster, PA Chameleon
Apr-29 Providence, RI Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel
Apr-30 New Haven, CT Toad's Place
Jun-25 Seattle, WA (venue TBA)
(source: Built to Spill mailing list. Sign up at:

Are you experienced? Experience Music Project to open June 23.
The Experience Music Project, founded by billionaire Paul Allen, is set to open on the 23rd of June. The EMP is a rock n roll museum in downtown Seattle. One of the exhibits will be centered on the last century of northwest music, including 7 cases of "grunge"
memorabilia, such as one of Kurt Cobain's first guitars. We've been told that the Screaming Trees will play a show at the EMP on June 25 (Not confirmed yet.). No word on what other bands will be playing at the opening. For more information, go to their cool website at (source: Jack Endino. Find out how to sign up for his e-mail newsletters at

27 March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
bands updates: Love Battery, U-Men.
birthdays additions.
members updates: Don Blackstone, Kurt Bloch, Jerry Cantrell, Barrett Martin, Joe Newton, Steve Wied, Matt Wright.

26 March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
bands updates: Accused, Bikini Kill, Citizen's Utilities.
connections updates: Sweet Mother Recordings, Bad Animals studio, The Moore Theatre.
labels update: Sweet Mother Recordings.
studios updates: Bad Animals, Bear Creek.

25 March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
discography updates: compilations: International Hip Swing, International Pop Underground, Teriyaki Asthma (2), Twisted Willie, Yo Yo a Go Go (2).
members list updates: Carrie Akre.
name origins list updates.

24-B March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
guest appearances list updates.
singles updates:  minor info additions/corrections.
video list updates: Mad Season, Sub Pop Video Network.

24-A March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
bands update: Melvins.
connections updates: Best Kissers in the World, Girl Trouble, Seven Year Bitch, Sky Cries Mary, Zeke.

23 March 2000

A lot of Pearl info jammed into a small space:
New album: earl Jam's sixth studio album, entitled "Binaural" and produced by Tchad Blake and Pearl Jam, will be released on May 23, 2000. The first single, "Nothing As It Seems" with the b-side "Insignificance" will be released on April 25th.

TV appearance: Pearl Jam will play on the Late Show with Dave Letterman on April 12 (Dave's 53rd birthday, one day after the release of the single "Nothing As It Seems".

Tour 2000: Pearl Jam has released the dates for their Summer European Tour and the Fall North American Tour.
Click here for Europe tour dates. Or click here for North America tour dates.

ple cycle theory updates:
connections updates: 764-HERO, Thrown Ups.

22 March 2000

New album from the Heroes of Rock:
According to the 764-HERO Web Site, the band has finished recording for the new album, which will be released in June. Stay tuned.

15 March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
preliminary work begun on the newest ctł section: a Peter Bagge/Hate tribute! (Coming soon)

14 March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
archives updates: new Peter Bagge artwork, of Tad, Bruce Pavitt, and Leonard and the Love Gods.

4 March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
archives updates: new Charles Peterson pictures, of Mudhoney, Nirvana, and Soundgarden.
sources update: checklist of Northwest Rock Trading Cards added.

3 March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
update: Spinanes, Afghan Whigs, Reverend Horton Heat, New United Monster Show.
members list: William Goldsmith, Dan Hoerner, Nate Mendel.

2 March 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
connections update: Murder City Devils.
members updates: >Guest appearances page:
a list of members of the northwest music scene that have contributed to other artist's albums. Still under construction.

2 February 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
bands update: Murder City Devils.
connections updates: Nirvana, plus lots of radio stations, record stores, and venues.

21 January 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
connections updates: Dead Moon, Devilhead, Green River, Modest Mouse, Sleater-Kinney, Vince Gipson Photography, Jim Rose Circus Sideshow.

15 January 2000

triple cycle theory updates:
connections updates: Gardener.
updates: Mother Love Bone, Mudhoney, plus legend changes.

14 January 2000

Make it now- Mudhoney's March to Fuzz compilation hits home.
Some four days before the expected release date, the long-anticipated March to Fuzz 2cd / 3lp compilation arrives in mailboxes of some who pre-ordered the album from Sub Pop. Those of you who didn't pre-order it can pick it up in stores January 18. Of course it'll probably cheaper if you get it straight from the source- Sub Pop.

8 January 2000

Happy New Year!
Ok, sorry for the late greeting, but we just got out of our underground shelter, and I guess the world's okay. Now that we're back, I guess we owe you some updates.

triple cycle theory updates:
connections list: LoudMusic.
list: Rob Skinner.
bands list: Pop Sickle.
(thanks to Rob for all that info, more updates and additions promised later.)

20-B December 1999

Jack Endino: Screaming Trees NOT dead yet.
The Screaming Trees were believed to have broken up, having not released anything since their '96 album Dust, and not being signed to any label. This belief was shared by Jack Endino, who was told by Trees drummer Barrett Martin that it was looking very unlikely that they (Screaming Trees) would do anything again.

triple cycle theory then got this e-mail from Jack:

guess what, I was wrong. just spoke to Barrett in LA and he says they
just recorded a new demo and are looking for a new deal. surprised
the hell out of me.

No word on when a contract will be signed or an album released, but at least we know they're still around.

Release date for Rockfords album moved up.
The self-titled debut album from the Rockfords, a band made up of ex-Hammerbox singer Carrie Akre, Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready, the Friel brothers Chris and Rick (Shadow, Goodness), and Danny Newcomb (also of Shadow and Goodness) has been moved up to February 1, 2000. Go to the Rockfords official site, at for more info.

triple cycle theory updates:
connections updates: Rockfords, Good Ink Records.
labels updates: Good Ink Records.
members updates: Chris Friel, Rick Friel, Danny Newcomb.

20-A December 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
members updates: Dave Bosch, Pat Conner, Gary Thorstensen, Harris Thurmond.

16 December 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
bands updates: Best Kissers in the World, Mono Men.
connections updates: Bear Creek Studios, COCA.
members updates: Mort Mortensen.
studios updates: Bear Creek.

6 December 1999

Don't want to be your Monkeywrench.
The Monkeywrench's 2nd album will be called Electric Children. It will be released April 4, 1999 on Estrus Records..

5 December 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
connections updates: Ames Bros., Ten Club (Pearl Jam)
discography updates: Steven J. Bernstein, godheadSilo, Mark Lanegan.
singles updates: Soundgarden, Spinanes, Supersuckers, Swallow, TAD, hype! boxed set.

2 December 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
connections updates: Skin Yard.
discography updates: Spinanes, Sunny Day Real Estate.
singles updates: Beat Happening, Dead Moon, Derelicts, godheadSilo, Hole, Monkeywrench, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Skin Yard, Spinanes, Supersuckers, Swallow, TAD, major Mudhoney updates.

28 November 1999

Happy birthday to Matt Cameron! And a happy birthday to Mark Lanegan, who just turned a year older on the 25th.

triple cycle theory updates:
connections updates: Love Battery, The Crocodile Cafe.
members updates: Steven Birch, Chris Brady, Kurt Cobain, Dale Crover, Krist Novoselic, Buzz Osborne.
bands update: Mandarin.
bands update- one time collaborations: Lithium.

27 November 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
discography updates: NEW singles section.

26 November 1999

Mudhoney march to fuzz (+Monkeywrench info).
According to the Unofficial Mudhoney page, there is a tracklist for the March to Fuzz compilation to be released on Sub Pop Records in January. It is a two cd set (or three lp). The first cd contains songs such as Touch Me, I'm Sick, Suck You Dry, Let It Slide, and other "hits" from Mudhoney's six albums. The second cd will have b-sides and compilation tracks, such as Run Shithead Run, Overblown, Butterfly Stroke, etc. A complete tracklist is available at You can pre-order the cd now. It won't be available until January 18.

Also, the Monkeywrench album will be released in April on Estrus Records. Tracklist is also available at the Unofficial Mudhoney page.

triple cycle theory updates:
discography updates: Blood Circus, Mark Lanegan, Soundgarden, minor video updates.

16-17 November 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
more noise please updates: (The following are a list of new features.)
Sub Pop Singles Club discography.
Love Battery's top ten reasons to live in Seattle.
What's in a name- origins of your fav band's name.
Jack Endino's twelve most memorable recording experiences.
history updates: new Nirvana info.

6 November 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
discography updates: Beat Happening, TAD.

5 November 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
discography updates: Availability and re-issue info added, plus new entries for: single band releases: Mike Johnson, Walkabouts. split EPs: Beat Happening/Screaming Trees,
Built to Spill/Caustic Resin, Modest Mouse/764-HERO, Mudhoney/Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Reverend Horton Heat/Supersuckers, Supersuckers/Steve Earle. compilations: Up In Orbit!, Up Next.

23 October 1999 (updated 4 November 1999)

Music Bank opens Tuesday.
The long wait is almost over: tomorrow, Music Bank, the Alice in Chains box set goes on sale. This 3 cd, 48 song compilation has new songs ("Died", "Get Born Again"), outtakes ("Fear the Voices", "Lying Season"), old demos ("Queen of the Rodeo", "I Can't Have You Blues", more), remixes ("What the Hell Have I", "A Little Bitter"), plus some songs from AIC's repertoire, like "Rooster", "Sickman", etc. An additional cd contains Jar of Flies multimedia, music videos and a game called The Journey. Tower is giving away a code to download a live version of "Rooster"  with the purchase of Music Bank. Promotion ends November 21, but why wait that long to get your hands on this box?

triple cycle theory updates:
members updates: Ben McMillian, Scott McCollum, Scott Schickler.

9 October 1999

Jack Endino has informed us that the official C/Z page has been up and running at for over a month now. Go there and buy some great cds straight from the source.

triple cycle theory updates:
members updates: Dan Cuneen, Mark Wooten.
discography updates: Love Battery, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Pond, Seaweed, Sprinkler.

8 October 1999

triple cycle theory updates:
connections additions: godheadSilo, Nirvana, Sunny Day Real Estate, Zipgun, Portland Band Page, Home Page of Van Conner, Gary Conner.

more noise please additions: honorary satellites page; first band- Denver's Fluid.

4 October 1999

triple cycle theory updates:

bands list: godheadSilo, Sleater-Kinney.
members list: Carrie Brownstein, Corin Tucker, Rob Clarke, Matt Cameron.

1 October 1999

Everybody's on tour.
Well, not everybody, but there's tons of bands that are touring the nation as we speak. Supersuckers, Fastbacks, Chris Cornell, Zeke/Murder City Devils. Click on the band for the site with tour dates.

Music Bank hits stores October 26. Alice in Chains' box set will be released October 26, not October 5 as previously reported. The Alice in Chains official site, at has a complete tracklist and more info for the set, which will include 4 cds, 3 music cds containing a total of 48 tracks, some culled from the band's cd collection, plus b-sides, remixes, old demos, and the afore mentioned new song, "Died", which has never been released in any form.

Other news:
Get a free Chris Cornell CD-ROM with purchase of his new album, Euphoria Morning, from Tower Records.

Don't forget, new Supersuckers album released October 19. Go the official Supersuckers page at for more info on this.

triple cycle theory updates:
members list: Lulu Garigulo, Kim Warnick, Kurt Bloch, Rob Clarke, Jason Finn, Mike Musburger, Eddie Spaghetti, Ron Heathman.

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