Jack Endino's
Twelve Most Memorable Recording Experiences
(full descriptions to come later)

1. First Nirvana demos, January 1988.
2. Thrown Ups, "Eat My Dump" single (Amphetamine Reptile), Valentine's Day, 1988.
3. Mudhoney, "Touch Me I'm Sick" single (Sub Pop), early 1988.
4. Mark Lanegan, The Winding Sheet (Sub Pop), December 1989.
5. Blue Cheer, Highlights and Low Lives (Nibelung), 1990.
6. The Accused, Grinning Like an Undertaker (Nastymix), 1990.
7. Rein Sanction, Mariposa (Sub Pop), 1992.
8. Titas, Titanomaquia (Warner Brazil), 1993.
9. Helios Creed, The Last Laugh (Amphetamine Reptile), 1989.
10. Guillotina, Guillotina (Warner Mexico), 1994.
11. Kerbdog, Kerbdog (Mercury), 1994.
12. Skin Yard/Jack Endino, any of five albums, 1986 to 1992.

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