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Yes Virginia, you too can learn about the northwest music scene. If you buy this stuff.


Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story

by Clark Humphrey
Feral House, Portland 1994 (First Edition, out of print)
Misc. Media, Seattle 2000 (Second Edition)

The definitive book on the Seattle music scene, written by a guy who actually was a part of it, not some Hollywood journalist jumping on the bandwagon. Loser takes you from early Seattle music history to present day Seattle. Tons of pictures, thanks to Mr. Art Chantry and Mr. Charles Peterson. Includes an awesome index featuring a selected discography, and lists of labels, record stores, and venues in the area. A must-read for anyone who cares to know the real story. 227 pgs. New Second Version available thru Clark Humphrey directly at MiscMedia.

Screaming Life: A Chronicle of the Seattle Music Scene
photography by Charles Peterson
foreword by Bruce Pavitt
essay by Michael Azzerad
Harper Collins West, 1995

An awesome collection of photographs by the greatest photographer ever, Charles Peterson. Screaming Life contains pictures of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Green River, TAD, and more, with captions by Peterson himself. Another must-have. (First 45000 come with a Sub Pop sampler cd featuring Green River, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Fastbacks, Nirvana, Beat Happening, Soundgarden, and Seaweed.) This book is now out of print... look for it at a used bookstore.


directed by Doug Pray
produced by Steven Helvey

Republic Pictures, 1996

A fantastic documentary of the Northwest Music Explosion by two guys from L.A.!?! Well, yeah. Hype! is a visual document on the history of the NW music scene. Hype features interviews and live performances from some of the most important people in Northwest Rock, such as Bruce Pavitt and Jon Poneman of Sub Pop, Conrad Uno of PopLlama, producer Jack Endino, photographer Charles Peterson, and members of Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney, TAD, Seaweed, Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows, Walkabouts, Mono Men and more. This is a must-buy.

misc. items

Northwest Rock Trading Cards
brought to you by Frank Harlan a.k.a. Bill Bored

An awesome 3-series 140 set of trading cards featuring bands such as Mudhoney, Pond, Love Battery, Crackerbash, Hammerbox, Young Fresh Fellows, and other northwest acts. Picture of front, contact info and other stuff on the back. Unfortunately, due to licensing rights and a lot of legal shit, many other great bands couldn't be included in the set. Still that shouldn't deter you from purchasing this set for $30 (free shipping) or each series for $12.95. This is available thru Rock Photographer.

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