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it's all that matters.
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"clean slate" - a seaweed fan page
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clean slate
dob: 12/18/99
last updated: 1/21/00

clean slate 1999-2k. part of the k-star music network. (link to k-star main page goes here.)
Welcome to the only good web page for one of our favorite bands, Seaweed from Tacoma, Washington. Unfortunately the guys decided to split last summer, following a performance at Merge Records' 10th Anniversary Party. Fortunately, there are five full length albums to rock out to. This page will be an archive of Seaweed-related things but we'll also keep you updated on their future projects, such as Aaron's new band, Gardener, which also includes Van Conner of the Screaming Trees. We hope this site will be a fitting tribute to an absolutely great band.


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Seaweed live