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who do you think you are (superstar)

short bios for the two idiots who made this stupid site

chris- resident loser, shitty drummer, eats meat, watches tv, hates local radio + mtv ("they only play trendy shit" he sez), lives in a boring town, attends a godawful school (same one as me), watches a lot of sports (only person alive who thinks the chicago bears will win super bowl this year), wastes his days listening to music (fav bands: like anything northwest), his goal is "to get the hell out of (this) town" chris sez. he also needs a date... (it's been so long...but don't tell him i told you this)
("this site was my idea" he sez "but it's jill's fault")

jill- former politician, crappy surfer, hates chris' job, likes surprises, wants to be a secret girl (you know, that 'Brad' song), also lives in a shitty town, studying ecology (next year), can't surf, 3rd cousin of big huge star on women's soccer team ("that won the world cup" she adds), can't believe that lacey (the politician) dropped out of the race for senior rep. (did i mention she sucks at surfing?)
("there aren't many better songs than 'nothing' by velocity girl" jill claims "but washington d.c. is not in washington state")

chris doesn't want his picture here.

here's jill's picture.

um... you'll have to find it yourself. it's not a good picture, chris says.

attempting to make chris and jill as stupid as possible: (yeah, and i also typed it.)
is... karen (don't call me care bear) jackson.  for triple cycletheory... (who else?)

i did this for free this time, jill. it won't happen again. by the way, chris, you owe me $3.75.

and e-mail chris or jill if you found this page. they'll pay you to keep this a secret.

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