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The one with the Chicago Bears hat permanently attached to his head. When he's not sleeping in school or working, Chris spends his time listening to music, watching his favorite sports teams lose (Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, White Sox), and collecting records and Hate comics. He is obsessed with his favorite bands Seaweed and Velocity Girl, has watched Hype! at least one million times, hates Republicans with a passion, and is too afraid to ask out Chelsea to prom. He sucks at playing drums, doesn't work hard at school, and doesn't even have his license yet. Chris whines about hating his school (Highland High), hating his town (Gilbert Arizona), but you never hear one peep of him about not having a girlfriend (He suffers silently). Used to live in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, a nice suburb of Chicago. Visits there frequently "to get the hell out of [Arizona]."

Chris says: "Friends don't let friends vote Republican."


The one who never wears red sweaters anymore, Jillian Taylor McLean actually was raised in Seattle (Ok, Issaquah, WA). Unlike Chris, she actually does try in school, and her effort has paid off with a full four-year scholarship at the University of California-San Diego (she's majoring in ecology). Her parents are "fucking loaded", in Chris' words, and lives in in a nice house in Arizona. Next year, she leaves for school in SD, leaving Chris in the state he hates by himself. Not much of a sports fan, but she does follow the Seattle Seahawks football team, and now a Chicago Blackhawks fan, thanks to Chris. Outside of school, she spends a lot of time doing stuff with friends, listening to music, arguing with Chris, and turning down guys offers to prom (right now, the count is 7). Claim to fame: owns one of the Nirvana Love Buzz singles, that ultra-limited Sub Pop singles club premiere release.

Jill says: "Recycle that fucking aluminum can, or I stick a bag of shit in your face."