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This list presents many of the Northwest-based bands that made music in the latter 20th century. The following bands are listed because they are influent bands in the Northwest Music development, contained members that went on to other important bands, and many other groups that existed during that period. Most signed bands from the 1988-1994 era are listed. This is by no means a complete list of every band in the Seattle/Boise/Portland area. If there is a band that you think should be listed, but isn't, e-mail us.

64 Spiders
James Burdyshaw- guitar, vocal
Joe Ross- bass
Scott McCullum- drums
600 School (1982-?)
John Waterman- vocal
Ben Shepherd- guitar
Mike Swanzi- bass
Chet McKnight- drums
764-HERO (1995-present)
John Atkins- guitar, vocal
James Bertram- bass (1998-present)
Polly Johnson- drums
Accused (1981-present)
Tom Niemeyer- vocal, guitar (1981-??)
Blaine Cook- vocal (1984-?)
John Dahlin- vocal (1982-1984)
Alex Sibbald- bass (1987-??)
Chibon Batterman (Chewy)- vocal, bass (1981-1987)
Josh Sinder- drums (1989-1991)
Devin- drums (1991-?)
Steve- drums (1988-1989)
Dana Collins- drums (1981-1988)
Alice in Chains (Diamond Lie) (1987-present)
Layne Staley- vocal
Jerry Cantrell -guitar, vocal
Mike Inez- bass (1993-present)
Michael Starr- bass (1987-1993)
Sean Kinney- drums
Alcohol Funnycar (1990-1997?)
Ben London- vocal, guitar
Tommy Bonehead (Simpson)- bass
Joel Trueblood- drums
rep. Buzz Crocker- drums
Beat Happening (1984-present)
Calvin Johnson- vocal
Brett Lunsford- guitar
Heather Lewis- drums
Best Kissers in the World (?-1995)
Gerald Collier- vocal
Jeff Stone- guitar
rep. Jimmy Paulsen- guitar
rep. Stet Olsen- guitar
Paul Schurr- bass
rep. Dave Swafford- bass
rep. Danny Bland- bass
Tim Arnold- drums
rep. Andhi Spath- drums
Bikini Kill (1991-1999)
Kathleen Hanna- vocal
Billy Karren- guitar
Kathy Wilcox- bass
Tobi Vail- drums
Blind Horse
Chris Tilden- vocal
Bruce Fairweather- guitar
Mark Patterson- bass

Greg Gilmore- drums
rep. Richard Stuverud- drums
Bloodloss (1993?-present?)
Renestair EJ- guitar, tenor sax, vocal
Mark Arm- guitar, harmonica, vocal, etc.
Guy Maddison- bass, trumpet, vocal

Martin Bland- drums, guitar, vocal
Blood Circus (1989?-1990?, 1993-1994)
Michael Anderson- vocal, guitar
Geoff Robinson- guitar
T-Man (Tracey Simmons)- bass
Doug Day- drums
Brad (Shame) (1993-present)
Shawn Smith- vocal
Stone Gossard- guitar
Mike Berg -bass (1996-present)
Jeremy Toback- bass (1993-1996)

Regan Hagar- drums
Thaddeus Turner-
Elizabeth Pupo-Walker- percussion
Built to Spill (1992-present)
Doug Martsch- vocal, guitar, bass
Brett Nelson- guitar, bass
James Bertram- bass (1995)
Scott Plouf- drums (1996-present)
Dave Schneider- drums (1995)
Andy Capps- drums (1993-1994)
Ralf Youtz- drums (1992-1993)
John McMahon- cello (1995)
Bundle of Hiss (Fruit Bats, Bold Pandas) (1980-1988)
Jamie Layne- guitar, vocal (1984-1988)
rep. Russ Bartlett- vocal (1983-1986), drums (1980-1983)
Kurt Schonberg- vocal (1980-1983)
Tad Doyle- guitar, vocal (1987-1988)
Jeff Hopper- guitar (1980-1984/5)
Kurt Danielson- bass, vocal
Dan Peters- drums (1984-1988)
Butterfly Train
Brett Nelson- vocal, guitar, bass
Eric Penney- guitar, vocal
Ambrose Richardson- bass

Andy Capps- drums
Candlebox (1991-present)
Kevin Martin- vocal
Peter Klett- guitar
Bardi Martin- bass
Dave Krusen- drums (1998-present)
Scott Mercado- drums (1991-1998)
Capping Day (1986-present)
Laura Weller- vocal, guitar
Bonnie Hammond- vocal, keyboard
Joe Ross- bass
Scott McCullum- drums
Cat Butt
David E. Duet- vocal
Tom Price- guitar
Danny Bland- bass
James Burdyshaw
- guitar
Charlie Ryan- drums
Caustic Resin (1989-present)
Brett Nelson- guitar
Tom Romich- bass
James Dillion- drums
Pat Apt- drums
Chemistry Set (1984-1989?)
Scott Sutherland- guitar, vocal
Tom Ewers- guitar
Bryan Learned- bass

Bill Campbell- guitar
Scott Vanderpool- drums
Citizens Utilities (1992-1999)
Chad Shaver- vocal
Joshua Medaris- guitar
Bill Herzog- bass
Eric Akre- drums
Coffin Break (1987-1992)
Rob Skinner- bass, vocal
Peter Litwin- guitar, vocal
Jeff Lorien- guitar
David Brooks- drums
Crackerbash (1989-1994)
Sean Croghan- vocal, guitar
Scott Fox- bass
Theodore Miller- drums
Critter's Buggin (1994-present)
Brad Houser- bass
Skerik (Naglas Sin Carne)- horns
John Bush- percussion (1994-?)
Matt Chaimberlain- drums
Daddy Hate Box
Peter Litwin- vocal, guitar
Allan Tompkins- bass
Steve Wied- drums
Dancing French Liberals of '48 (Spear and Magic Helmet) (1994-1997)
Joe Spleen (Andrew Kessler)- vocal, guitar
Julian Gibson- guitar

Matt Dresdner- bass
Steve Moriarity- drums
Dead Moon
Fred Cole- vocal, guitar
Toody Cole- bass
Andrew Loomis- drums
Dead Low Tide (2001-present)
Spencer Moody- vocal
Nate Manny- guitar
Mike Kunka- bass
Coady Willis- drums
Deranged Diction (1982-1984)
Tim Healy- vocal (1984?)
Tom Kipp- vocal (1983?-1984?)
Rod Moody- vocal (1982-1983?)
Bruce Fairweather- guitar
Jeff Ament- bass
Sergio Avenia- drums
Duane Bodenheimer- vocal
Neil Rogers- guitar
Ian Dunsmore- guitar
Joe Kilbourne- bass
Ric Biloti- drums
Devilhead (1993-present)
Brian Wood- vocal
Kevin Wood- guitar
Ben Shepherd- guitar (1997)
Tim Young- guitar, vocal (1995-1997)

John McBain- guitar (1993-1995)
Cory Kane- bass (1995-present)
John Waterman- bass (1993-1995)
Mike Stone- drums (1995-present)
Luke Kimble- drums (1993-1995)
Dickless (1989?-1990?)
Kelly Canary- vocal
Kerry Green- guitar
Jana McCall- bass
Lisa Smith- drums
Disinformation (1997-present)
Mark Lanegan- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
John Baker Saunders- bass (1997-1999)
Barrett Martin- drums
Dub Narcotic Sound System (1993-present)
Calvin Johnson- vocal
Brian Weber- guitar, keyboard
Chris Sutton- bass
Heather Dunn- drums
rep. Larry Butler- drums
Ducky Boys (1982-1983)
Jeff Covell- vocal?
Stone Gossard- guitar
Steve Turner- bass?
Earth (1990-1998)
Dylan Carlson- guitar, vocal
Greg Babior (1990?)
Matthew "Slim" Moon- guitar?, vocal (1990?)
Dave Harwell (1991?-1998?)
Carl Anala (1991 or 1992)
Shawn McElligot- guitar (1996-1998?)
Mike McDaniels- drums (1996-1998?)
Mike Kunka- bass, vocal
Zac Sally- bass, vocal
Danny Sasaki- drums, vocals
Episode (1988-1990?)
Ben Shepherd- vocal, guitar
John Waterman- bass
Andy Miller- drums
Fall-Outs (1985-?)
Dave Holmes- vocal, guitar
Shannon McConnell- bass, vocal (1985-1991, 1993-present)
Steve Turner- bass (1992?)
Dino Lencioni- drums
Fastbacks (1979-present)
Kim Warnick- vocal, bass
Lulu Gargiulo- vocal, guitar
Kurt Bloch- guitar
Mile Musburger- drums (1994-present)
Jason Finn- drums (1994)
Dan Peters- drums (1994)
John Moen- drums (1993-1994)
Rusty Willoughby- drums (1991-1993)
Nate Johnson- drums (1988-1991, 1994, 1996)
Danny Zakos- drums (1985)
Richard Stuverud- drums (1982-1988)
Duff McKagan- drums (1981-1982)
Tom Mick- vocal
Pony Maurice- vocal
Danny Blossom- guitar?
Jane Higgins- bass
Dan Peters- drums
Flop (1989?-1995)
Rusty Willoughby- vocal, guitar
Bill Campbell- guitar
Dave Fox- bass (1994?-1995?)
Mick Vee- bass (1994?)
Paul Schurr- bass (1989?-1994)

Nate Johnson- drums
Gardener (1998-present)
Aaron Stauffer- vocal, guitar
Van Conner- guitar, bass
Pat Conner- drums
Gas Huffer (The Del Lagunas) (1989-present)
Matt Wright- vocal
Tom Price- guitar
Don Blackstone- bass
Joe Newton- drums
Girl Trouble (1984-present)
Kurt Kendall- vocal (1984-1986?,1987?-present)
David E. Duet- vocal (1986?)

Bill Henderson- guitar
Dale Phillips- bass
Bon Von Wheelie (Henderson)- drums
Gits (1986-1993)
Mia Zapata- vocal
Joe Spleen (Andrew Kessler)- guitar
Matt Dresdner- bass
Steve Moriarty- drums
Goodness (1994-present)
Carrie Akre- vocal
Danny Newcomb- guitar, vocal
Garth Reeves- guitar, vocal
Fiia McGann- bass, vocal, cello (1994)

Chris Friel- drums (1995-present)
Mike Kunka- bass, vocal
Dan Haugh- drums
Green River (1984-1987)
Mark Arm- vocal
Bruce Fairweather- guitar (1985-1987)
Stone Gossard- guitar (1985-1987)
Steve Turner- guitar (1984-1985)
Jeff Ament- bass
Alex Shumway/Vincent- drums
Gruntruck (1990-1997)
Ben McMillan- vocal
Tom Niemeyer- guitar
Alex Sibbald- bass
rep. Tim Paul- bass

Scott McCullum/Norman Scott- drums
H-Hour (1983-1987)
Johnny Clint- vocals
Danny Brown- guitar
Darren Peters- bass
Tad Doyle- drums
Halo Benders
Doug Martsch- vocal, guitar
Calvin Johnson- vocal, guitar
Wayne Flower- bass, drums
Ralf Youtz- drums, guitar
Steve Fisk- organ, synthesizer, etc.
Hammerbox (1990-1994)
Carrie Akre- vocal
Harris Thurmond- guitar
James Atkins- bass
Dave Bosch- drums, vocal
Hater (1993-present)
Brian Wood- vocal
John McBain- guitar
Ben Shepherd- guitar, vocal
Alan Davis- bass (1995-present)

Jason Waterman- bass (1993-1995)
Matt Cameron- drums, vocal
Peter Krebs- guitar, vocal
Brady Smith- bass
Jody Bleyle
- drums, vocal
Fred Nemo- dance
Hole (1990-present)
Courtney Love- vocal, guitar
Eric Erlandson- guitar
Melissa Auf Der Maur- bass (1994-present)
Kristen Pfaff- bass (1992-1994)
Jill Emery- bass (1990-1992)
drummer 3 (1998-present)
Patty Schemel- drums (1993-1998)
Caroline Rue- drums (1990-1992)
Hush Harbor (1993-1994)
John Atkins- guitar, vocal
John Wickhart- bass
Andy Rohrman- drums
Juned (1993-present)
Dan Balensifen- vocal, guitar
Claudia Groom- guitar
Leslie Hardy- bass
Lenny Rennalls- drums
Nalini Cheriel
Kent 3
Viv Halogen- vocal, guitar
Adam Grendon- bass
Tyler Long- drums
Kill Sybil (Sybil) (?-1993)
Tammy Watson
Dale Balensiefen

Leslie Hardy?
Eric Akre- drums
rep. Patty Schemel- drums
Kings of Rock (1988?-1989?)
Tom Price- vocal, guitar
Tim Hayes- guitar
Don Blackstone- bass
Dan Ryan- drums
Lazy Susan
Kim Virant
Tim Dijulio?
Limp Richerds (1982-1985)
Dave Middleton- vocal
Charles Quain- guitar
Steve Turner- guitar (1983-1985?)
Werner Cooke- bass
cott Schickler- drums, guitar
Mark Arm- drums
Love As Laughter
Sam Jayne: guitar, vocal
Jessica Espeleta: guitar
Leslie Hardy: bass
Dave Schneider: drums
Love Battery (1989-present)
Ron Nine (Rudzitis)- vocal, guitar
Kevin Whitworth- guitar
Bruce Fairweather- bass (1992-1996?)
Jim Tillman- bass (1990-1992)
Tommy Bonehead (Simpson)- bass (1989-1990)
Brian Nelson- drums (1996-present)

Mike Musburger- drums (1996)
Jason Finn- drums (1989-1994)
Dan Peters- drums (1989?,1995-1996)
Luv Co.
Shawn Smith- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
rep. Tom Gunn- guitar
Tim Dijulio
Chris Friel-

Jeff Ament- bass
Richard Stuverud- drums
James Bertram- bass
Dave Schneider- drums
Mad Season (The Gacy Bunch) (1994-1995)
Layne Staley- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
John Baker Saunders- bass
Barrett Martin- drums
Malfunkshun (1980-1987)
Andrew Wood- vocal
Kevin Wood- guitar
Regan Hagar- drums
Mandarin (1998-present)
Christopher Brady- bass, vocal
Steven Birch- guitar
Paul Johnson- drums
March of Crimes (1984-1985?)
Jon Evason- vocal
Pete Droge- guitar

Stone Gossard- guitar
Ben Shepherd- guitar
Andy Carrow- bass
Steve Nelson- drums
Marfa Lights (Anodyne) (1994-present)
Steve Mack- vocal
Harris Thurmond- guitar
Marcus Pina- bass (1996-present)

James Atkins- bass (1994?-1996)
Rob Dent- drums (1997-present)
Dov Friedmand- drums (1996-1997)
Brad Mowen- drums (1994?-1996?)
Melvins (1985-present)
Buzz Osborne- vocal, guitar
Kevin Rutmanis- bass (1998-present)
Mark Deutrom- bass (1993-1997)
Dave Trissid- bass (1993??)
Joe Preston- bass (1991-1992)
Lori Black- bass 1987-1991, 1993)

Matt Lukin- bass (1985-1986)
Dale Crover- drums (1985-present)
Mike Dillard- drums (1985)
Mind Circus (1985)
Ben Shepherd- vocal, guitar
John Waterman- bass
Chad Channing- drums
Minus 5 (1993-present)
Scott McCaughey- vocal, guitar
Peter Buck- guitar
Ken Stringfellow- bass
Jon Auer- drums
Modest Mouse (1994-present)
Isaac Brock- vocal, guitar
Eric Judy- bass
Jeremiah Green- drums
Monkeywrench (1991,1999-present)
Mark Arm- vocal, keyboard, harmonica
Tom Price- guitar
Tim Kerr- guitar, vocal
Steve Turner- bass, vocal
Martin Bland- drums, vocal
Mono Men (1989-1998)
Mort Mortensen- vocal, guitar
rep. Marx Right- vocal
Dave Crider- guitar

Ledge Morissette- bass
Aaron Roeder- drums
Mother Love Bone (Lords of the Wasteland 1987-1988) (1988-1990)
Andrew Wood- vocal
Stone Gossard- guitar
Bruce Fairweather- guitar
Jeff Ament- bass
Greg Gilmore- drums
Regan Hagar- drums (Wasteland 1987-1988)
Mr. Epp and the Calculations (1981-1984)
Joe Smitty (Jeff Smith)- vocal
Mark Arm- guitar, vocal
Steve Turner- guitar (1983-1984)
Todd Why (Morey)- bass
Darren Mor-x (Morey)- drums
Murder City Devils (1998?-present)
Spencer Moody- vocal
Dann Galucci- guitar
Nate Manny- guitar
Derek Fudesco- bass
Coady Willis- drums
Leslie Hardy- farfisa organ
Mudhoney (1988-present)
Mark Arm- vocal
Steve Turner- guitar
Matt Lukin- bass (1988-1999)
Dan Peters- drums
Night Kings
Rob Vasquez- vocal
Nirvana (1987-1994)
Kurt Cobain- vocal, guitar
Krist Novoselic- bass
Pat Smear- guitar (1993-1994)
John Duncan- guitar (1993)
Jason Everman- guitar (1989)
Dave Grohl- drums (1990-1994)
Dan Peters- drums (1990)
Chad Channing- drums (1988-1990)
Dave Foster- drums (1988)
Dale Crover- drums (1988)
Aaron Bruckhard- drums (1987,1988)
Ones (1984-1985)
Terry Lee Hale- vocal, guitar
Jack Endino- bass
Chris Adams- drums
Pearl Jam (Mookie Blaylock) (1990-present)
Eddie Vedder- vocal
Stone Gossard- guitar
Mike McCready- guitar
Jeff Ament- bass
Matt Cameron- drums (1998-present)
Jack Irons- drums (1995-1998)
Dave Abbruzzese- drums (1991-1994)
Matt Chamberlain- drums (1991)
Dave Krusen- drums (1990-1991)
Pell Mell (1989-?)
David Spalding- guitar, bass
Greg Freeman- bass, guitar
Steve Fisk- piano, organ, noises
Robert Beerman- drums, guitar

Christy McWilson- vocal
John Olufs- guitar

Jim Sangster- guitar
Walter Sangster- bass
Leroy Sleep- drums
Pigeonhed (1993?-present)
Shawn Smith- vocal, piano
Steve Fisk- keyboard, samplers, etc.
Poison Idea (1980-1993)
Jerry A- vocal
Tom Roberts- guitar
Chris Tense- bass
Dean Johnson- drums
Pond (1991-1999)
Charlie Campbell- guitar, vocal
Chris Brady- bass, vocal
Dave Triebwasser- drums
Pop Sickle (1992-1995,1999-present)
Rob Skinner- vocal, bass
Brian Naubert- vocal, guitar
Shawn Trudeau- drums
Posies (1988-1998)
Jon Auer- vocal
Ken Stringfellow- guitar
Joe Howard- bass (1992, 1994-1998)
Dave Fox- bass (1992-1994)
Rick Roberts- bass (1988-1991)
Brian Young- drums (1994-1998)

Mike Musburger- drums (1988-1994)
Presidents of the United States of America (1993-1998)
Chris Ballew- vocal, bass
Dave Dederer- guitar, vocal

Jason Finn- drums, vocal
Pure Joy (Dwindles) (1984?-1989?, reformed 1995?)
Rusty Willoughby- vocal
Scott Sutherland- vocal (1984?-1986)
Randy Willoughby- keyboard
Lisa King- bass
Craig Montgomery- ?
Jim Hunnicut- drums
rep. Andy Davenhall- drums

rep. Nate Johnson- drums
Red Dress (1979?-1992?)
Red Stars Theory (1995-present)
James Bertram- guitar, vocal
Toni Palmasani- guitar, vocal
Jason Talley- bass
Jeremiah Green- drums
Seth Warren- violin
Rockfords (1998?-present)
Carrie Akre- vocal
Mike McCready- guitar
Danny Newcomb- guitar
Rick Friel- bass
Chris Friel- drums
Room Nine (1983?-1988?)
Ron Rudzitis- vocal
Michael Laton- guitar
Scott Boggan- bass
Shawn Allen- drums
rep. Scott Vanderpool- drums
Satchel (Bliss) (1994?-present?)
Shawn Smith- vocal
John Hoag- guitar
Mike Berg- bass
rep. Cory Kane- bass
Regan Hagar- drums
Satisfact (?-1999)
Dave Schneider- drums
Screaming Trees (1984-present)
Mark Lanegan- vocal
Gary Lee Conner- guitar
Van Conner- bass

Barrett Martin- drums (1991-present)
Mark Pickerel- drums (1984-1991)
Seaweed (1990?-1999)
Aaron Stauffer- vocal
Wade Neal- guitar
Clint Werner- guitar

John Atkins- bass
Alan Cage- drums (1996-1999)
Bob Bulgrien- drums (1990?-1996)
Seven Year Bitch (1990-1997)
Selene Vigil- vocal
Lisa Fay Beatty- guitar (1996-1997)
Roison Dunne- guitar (1992-1996)
Stefanie Sargent- guitar (1990-1992)
Elizabeth Davis- bass, vocal
Valerie Agnew- drums
Shadow (Warrior 1979-1982) (1982-1988)
Rob Weber
Mike McCready- guitar
Danny Newcomb- guitar?
Rick Friel- bass
Chris Friel- drums
Silkworm (1987-present)
Andy Cohen - guitar, vocals
Joel Phelps - guitar (1987-1994)
Tim Midgett - bass
Michael Dahlquist (1990-present)
Lurch- drums (1989-1990)
Ben Koostra - drums (1987-1989)
Skin Yard (1985-1992)
Ben McMillan- vocal
Jack Endino- guitar
Pat Pedersen- bass (1991-1992)
Daniel House- bass (1985-1991)
Barrett Martin- drums (1990-1992)
Scott McCollum/Norman Scott- drums (1987-1989)
Jason Finn- drumss (1986-1987)
Greg Gilmore- drums (1986)
Steve Wied- drums (1986)
Matt Cameron- drums (1985-1986)
James Erdman- vocal, bass
Eddie Spaghetti- guitar, vocal
Ron Heathman- guitar
Bryant Grace- drums
Sky Cries Mary (1988-present)
Roderick Romero- vocal
Anisa Romero- vocal (1991-present)
Mike Cozzi- guitar (1993-present)
Marc Olsen- guitar (1992-1993)
Ivan Kral- guitar (1991-1992)
Stephan Byron Salit- guitar (1990)
Jon Auer- guitar (1988-1989)
Juano- bass (1993-present)
Joe Howard- bass (1991-1993)
Alfred- bass (1990)
Ken Stringfellow- bass (1988-1989)
Ben James Ireland- drums (1991-present)
Scott Mercado- drums (1990)
Todd Robbins- sampling, etc. (1991-present)
Gordon Raphael- keyboards (1991-1997)
Sleater-Kinney (1994-present)
Carrie Brownstein- vocal, guitar
Corin Tucker- guitar, vocal
Janet Weiss- drums
Toni Gogin- drums
Lora McFarlane- drums
Misty Farell- drums
Softy (1993?-present?)
Peter Litwin- vocal, guitar
James Atkins- guitar
rep. Robin Peringer- guitar
Emily Rieman- bass
Norman Scott- drums
rep. Craig Bradford- drums
Some Velvet Sidewalk
Alan Larsen- vocal
Don Blair- bass
rep. Jennifer Olay- bass
Martin Bernier- drums
Soundgarden (1984-1997)
Chris Cornell- vocal, guitar. drums (1984)
Kim Thayil- guitar
Ben Shepherd- bass (1990-1997)
Jason Everman- bass (1989-1990)
Hiro Yamamoto- bass (1984-1989)
Matt Cameron- drums (1986-1997)
Scott Sundquist- drums (1985-1986)
Spinanes (1991-present)
Rebecca Gates- vocal, guitar
Scott Plouf- drums (1991-1998)
Spluii Numa (1984?)
Harold Hollingsworth- vocal
Steve Turner- guitar
Keith Strobel- bass
Alex Vincent/Shumway- drums
Sprinkler (1990-1992)
Chris Slusarenko- vocal, guitar
Steven Birch- guitar
Emrick Swaine- bass
Nate Slusarenko- drums
Steel Wool
John Wright- vocal, guitar
Sean Hollowell- guitar, vocal
Steve Dukich- bass
Dave Pelo- drums
Stomach Pump (1987-present)
JC9- vocal (1988-present)
Robb Clarke- vocal (1987-1988)
Leighton Beezer- guitar
Max Godsil- bass
Duff Drew- drums
Sunny Day Real Estate (1992-1995, 1997-present)
Jeremy Enigk- vocal
Dan Hoerner- guitar
Joe Skyward- bass (1998-present)
Jeff Palmer- bass, vocal (1997-1998)
Nate Mendel- bass (1992-1995)
William Goldsmith- drums
Supersuckers (1988-present)
Eddie Spaghetti (Daly)- vocal, bass
rep. Eric Martin- vocal, bass?
Dan Bolton- guitar
Rick Sims- guitar (1995-present?)
Ron Heathman- guitar (1988-1995)
Dan Siegel- drums
Swallow (1988-1990, 1993-1994)
Rod Ho (Moody)- vocal, guitar
Chris Pugh- guitar
Andy Springsheen (Scheen)- bass
Scott Schickler- drums
Sweet 75 (1994-present)
Yva Las Vegas (?)- vocal, guitar, bass
Krist Novoselic- guitar, bass
drummer 4- drums (?)
Adam Wade- drums (1996)
Bill Rieflin- drums (1995)
Bobby Lurie- drums (1994)
TAD (1988-1999)
Tad Doyle- vocal, guitar
Gary Thorstensen- guitar (1988-1994)
Kurt Danielson- bass
Mike Mongrain- drums (1996-1999)
Josh Sinder- drums (1993-1996)
Ray Washam- drums (1991-1992)
Steve Wied (Wiederhold)- drums (1989-1991)
Team Dresch
Kaia Wilson- vocal
Jody Bleyle- vocal, bass
Donna Dresch- guitar, bass
Marci Martinez- drums
Teen Angels (1994-present)
Kelly Canary- vocal, guitar
Julie Ransweiler- bass
Lisa Smith- drums
rep. Nalini- drums
Temple of the Dog (1990-1991)
Chris Cornell- vocal
Stone Gossard- guitar
Mike McCready- guitar
Jeff Ament- bass
Matt Cameron- drums
Eddie Vedder- backing vocal
Ten Minute Warning (1983?-1985, 1996-1998)
Christopher Blue- (1996-1998)
Steve Verwolf- vocal (1984?-1985)
Blaine Cook- vocal (1983?)
Paul Solger- guitar
David Garrigues- bass (1983-1984, 1996-1998)

Daniel House- bass (1984-1985)
Duff McKagan- guitar (?-1985,1996-1998), drums/percussion (1983-?)
Greg Gilmore- drums (?-1985, 1996-1998)
Three Fish (1996-present)
Robbi Robb- vocal, guitar
Jeff Ament- bass, guitar, etc.
Richard Stuverud- drums
Thrown-Ups (1983-1991)
Edwin Fotheringham- vocal (1984-1991)
Steve Mack- vocal (1983-1984)
Steve Turner- guitar (1985-1991)
Mike Faulhaber- guitar (1983-1985)
Leighton Beezer- bass
Mark Arm- drums (1986-1991)
Scott Schickler- drums (1984-1985)
Tic Dolly Row (1987)
Ben Shepherd- vocal
Jim Hurd- guitar
Chris Karr- bass
Chad Channing- drums
Treepeople (1988-1994)
Scott Schmaljohn- vocal, guitar
Doug Martsch- vocal, guitar (1988-1993?)
John Polle- guitar, vocal (1993-1994)
Pat Brown- bass
Tony Reed- drums, bass (1988-1993?)
Eric Carnell- bass (1993?-1994)
Wayne Flower- drums
Truly (1990-present)
Robert Roth- vocal, guitar, keyboards
Chris Quinn- bass, guitar (1990-1991)
Hiro Yamamoto- bass, vocal
Mark Pickerel- drums, vocal
Tuatara (1997-present)
Peter Buck- guitar
Scott McCaughey- guitar, organ (1998-present)
Skerik (Naglas Sin Carne)- horns, etc.
Steve Berlin- tenor sax, etc. (1998-present)
Craig Flory- tenor sax, clarinet, etc. (1998-present)
Mike Stone- piano, vibes, etc (1998-present)
Elizabeth Pupo-Walker- djembe, congas, bongos (1998-present)
Justin Harwood- bass
Barrett Martin- drums, etc.
Tube Top
Gavin Guss- vocal
Brian Naubert- guitar
Dave Fox- bass
Mike Musburger- drums
U-Men (1981-1988)
John Bigley- vocal
Tom Price- guitar
Tom Hazelmeyer- bass (1987)
Jim Tillman- bass (1982-1987)
rep. Robin Buchan- bass (1981-1982)
Charlie Ryan- drums
Valis (1997-present)
Van Conner- vocal
Patrick Conner- guitar
Kurt Danielson- bass
Sean Hollister- drums
rep. Dan Peters- drums
Violent Green (1992-present)
Jennifer Olay- vocal, guitar
Wayne Flower- bass
Drew Quinlan- drums
Walkabouts (1984-present)
Chris Eckman- vocal, guitar, piano
Carla Torgenson- vocal, guitar
John Baker Saunders- bass (1996-1999)
Michael Wells- bass (1985-1996)
Curt Eckman- bass (1984-1985)
Brian Young- drums (2000-present)
Terri Moeller- drums (1991-2000)
Grant Eckman- drums (1984-1991)
Glenn Slater- keyboards, piano (1991?-present)
Bruce Wirth- various instruments incl. violin (1991-1994)
Wellwater Conspiracy (1993-present)
Ben Shepherd- vocal, bass (1993-1998)
John McBain- guitar
Matt Cameron- drums. vocal (1998-present)
Willard (1991?-1993?)
Johnny Clint- vocal
Otis P. Otis- guitar
Mark Spiders- guitar

Darren Peters- bass
Steve Wied- drums
Greg Sage- vocal, guitar
Dave Koupal- bass
Sam Henry, drums
Young Fresh Fellows (1983-present)
Scott McCaughey- vocal
Kurt Bloch- guitar (1989-present)
Chuck Caroll- guitar (1983-1989)

Jim Sangster- bass
Tad Hutchinson- drums
Zeke (1993?-present)
"Blind" Mark(y) Felchtone- vocal, guitar
Abe Zanuel "Sonny" Riggs III- guitar
Mark Pierce- bass
Donny Paycheck (?)- drums
Zipgun (1991-1994)
Rob Clarke- vocal
Neil Rogers- guitar
Ian Dunsmore- bass (1993-1994)
Andy Spleen- bass (1993)
Mark Wooten- bass (1991-1993)
Dan Cuneen- drums

Know a band that should be listed but isn't???? E-mail us and let us know!

This list is far from complete. Some bands were ommitted purposely; others, we just forgot. As you can see, there are a lot of incomplete band lineups and dates. If you have any additions, let us know so we can update it. Our e-mail address is Please put BANDS UPDATE as the subject of your message.


The information found here and on the members list was compiled from: Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story by Clark Humphrey, Hype! motion picture, Sub Pop, PopLlama, Up!, K, eMpTy, Super Electro, Scooch Pooch, "Intrigue & Incest: Pearl Jam and the Secret History of Seattle" by Jo-Anne Greene, and individual recordings/internet sites of the bands. Thanks to all who sent additions and/or corrections. Special thanks to Leighton Beezer, Tad Doyle, Kurt Danielson, Mark Arm, Rob Skinner, and Jack Endino.

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