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This list of individual northwest musicians and the bands they were part of. The goal of this and the bands list is to show the incestuous nature of the northwest music scene. List is cross-referenced to the bands list.

Musicians who have recorded solo albums have an asterisk next to their name.
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>Guest appearances list. Complete list of members of the northwest music scene that have contributed to other artist's albums.

>One-time collaborations are not listed under members.

Dave Abbruzzese (drums)
Dr. Tongue, The New Bohemians, Love Chile, Pearl Jam, Green Romance Orchestra

Valerie Agnew (drums)
Barbie's Dream Car, Seven Year Bitch

Carrie Akre* (vocals)
Hammerbox, Goodness, Rockfords, VIP's

Eric Akre (drums)
Christ on a Crutch, Kill Sybil, Treepeople, Goodness, Citizen's Utilities

Jeff Ament (bass)
Deranged Diction, Green River, Luv. Co., Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Three Fish

Michael Anderson (vocals, guitar)
Blood Circus, Heavy Into Jeff

Mark Arm (McLaughlin) (vocals)
Mr. Epp, Green River, Mudhoney, Monkeywrench, Bushpigh, Bloodloss (guitar), also Limp Richerds, Thrown-Ups (drums)

James Atkins (bass)
Hammerbox, Anodyne, Softy

John Atkins (bass)
Alphabet Swill, Seaweed

John Atkins (guitar, vocals)
Vibrant Migrants, Screaming Hormones, Thirteen, Hush Harbor, 764-HERO

Jon Auer (vocals)
Posies, Minus 5 (drums), Sky Cries Mary (guitar), Lucky Me

Melissa Auf Der Maur (bass)
Tinker, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins

Chris Ballew (vocals, bass)
David and the Overtones, Egg, Creepy Stick, Caspar and Mollusk, Presidents of the United States of America, Tycoons, Giraffes, The Band Almost Known as Starter Kit (The Chris and Tad Show), Subset

Dale Balenseifen (guitar)
Juned, Kill Sybil, Candy 500

Lisa Fay Beatty (guitar)
Seven Year Bitch

Leighton Beezer (bass)
Blunt Objects, Thrown-Ups, Stomach Pump

Mike Berg (bass)
Satchel, Brad

James Bertram (bass)
Lync, Built to Spill, Red Stars Theory, 764-HERO, P.E.W.S.

John Bigley (vocals)
Social Deviates, U-Men, Crows

Steven Birch (guitar)
Sprinkler, Everclear, Mandarin

Lori Black (bass)
Clown Alley, Melvins

Don Blackstone (bass)
Kings of Rock, Butt Sweat, Gas Huffer, Hai Karate

Dan Blair (bass)
Hot White Noon, Some Velvet Sidewalk

Danny Bland (bass)
Cat Butt, Dwarves, Best Kissers in the World

Martin Bland (drums)
Monkeywrench, Bloodloss, Lubricated Goat, Monroe's Fur

Jody Bleyle (bass)
Hazel, Team Dresch

Kurt Bloch (guitar)
Cheaters, Wenis, Fastbacks, Young Fresh Fellows, Wild Betty, Sick Man in Europe, 70 Proof

Dan Bolton (guitar)

Dave Bosch (drums)
Hammerbox, Square of David, PromoSexuals

Christopher Brady (bass)
Pond, Audio Learning Center, Mandarin

Issac Brock (vocals, guitar)
Lync, Modest Mouse, Ugly Cassanova

David Brooks (drums)
Coffin Break

Carrie Brownstein (vocals, guitar)
Excuse 17, Tommys, Spells, Tentacles, Sleater-Kinney

Robin Buchan (bass)

Peter Buck (guitar)
R.E.M., Minus 5, Tuatara

Bob Bulgrien (drums)
Alphabet Swill, Seaweed

Aaron Bruckhard (drums)

James Burdyshaw (vocals, guitar)
64 Spiders, Cat Butt, Yummy, Sinister Six, Rain Dogs

Alan Cage (drums)
Quicksand, Seaweed

Matt Cameron (drums)
Feedback, Motel 6, Skin Yard, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Tone Dogs, Hater, Wellwater Conspiracy, Pearl Jam

Bill Campbell (guitar)
Chemistry Set, Flop

Charlie Campbell (guitar, vocals)
Pond, Goldcard

Kelly Canary (vocals, guitar)
Dickless, Teen Angels

Jerry Cantrell* (guitar, vocals)
Paradox, Sinister, Alice in Chains

Andy Capps (drums)
Butterfly Train, Built to Spill

Eric Carnell (bass)

Chuck Caroll (guitar)
Young Fresh Fellows

Dylan Carlson (vocals, guitar)

Matt Chamberlain (drums)
Pearl Jam, Critters Buggin

Chad Channing (drums)
Mind Circus, Magnet Man, Tic Dolly Row, Nirvana, Fire Ants, Methodists

Rob Clarke (guitar/vocal)
Trids, A.M.A., Zipgun (vocal), Stomach Pump (guitar), RC5

Johnny Clint (vocals)
H-Hour, Warm Drive, Willard

Kurt Cobain (vocals, guitar)
Fecal Matter, Brown Towel/Cow, Stiff Woodies (drums), Sellouts (drums), Nighty Nite, Nirvana

Fred Cole (vocals, guitar, bass)
Little Red Roosters, Barracudas, Deep Soul Cole, Lords, Weeds, Lollipop Shoppe, Zipper, King Bee, Torpedos, The Desperate Edge, Western Front, Dead Moon

Toody Cole (bass, guitar)
Rats, Desperate Edge, Western Front, Dead Moon

Gary Lee Conner (guitar)
Screaming Trees, Purple Outside

Patrick Conner (drums)
Green Suit, Her Fault, Goetia, Kitty Kitty, Valis, Gardener, Summerland

Van Conner (bass)
Explosive Generation, Millions of Dead Lennins (MDL), Sweet Pea Lantern and His Butt Meat Men, Screaming Trees, King Krab, Felch, Dinosaur Jr., Solomon Grundy, Valis (vocal/guitar), Gardener (guitar)

Blaine Cook
Fartz, 10 Minute Warning, Accused, Black Nasty

Chris Cornell* (vocals, guitar)
Jones Street Band, Shemps, Center For Diesese Control Boys (drums), Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog

Dave Crider (guitar, vocals)
Roof Dogs, Mono Men

Sean Croghan* (vocals)
Hell Cows, Crackerbash, Jr. High, Moustache

Dale Crover (drums)
Melvins, Fecal Matter (bass), Brown Towel/Cow, Nirvana, Gashley Snub

Dan Cuneen (drums)
Zipgun, Nightcaps

Kurt Danielson (bass)
Bundle of Hiss, TAD, Valis, mothman (vocals)

Alan Davis (bass)

Elizabeth Davis (bass)
Barbie's Dream Car, Seven Year Bitch, Clone

Doug Day (drums)
Blood Circus

Dave Derderer (guitar)
Presidents of the United States of America, Subset, Uptights

James Dillion (drums)
Caustic Resin, Built to Spill Caustic Resin

Thomas A. (Tad) Doyle (vocals, guitar)
H-Hour (drums), Bundle of Hiss, TAD, Hogmolly

Matt Dresdner (bass)
Gits, Dancing French Liberals of '48

Duff Drew (drums)
My Eye, Stomach Pump

Pete Droge* (guitar)
March of Crimes

David E. Duet (vocal)
Girl Trouble, Cat Butt, Rain Dogs, Bottle of Smoke

Roison Dunne (guitar)
Seven Year Bitch

Chris Eckman (guitar, vocals)

Grant Eckman (drums)

Jack Endino* (guitar)
Crypt Kicker Five (drums), Skin Yard, Ones, Endino's Earthworm, Crack Jockey, Doghead, Suitcase Nukes

Jeremy Enigk* (vocal)
Sunny Day Real Estate

Eric Erlandson (guitar)

Jason Everman (guitar/bass)
Soundgarden (bass), Nirvana (guitar), Mindfunk

Bruce Fairweather (guitar)
Deranged Diction, Green River, Mother Love Bone, Blind Horse, Love Battery (bass)

Jason Finn (drums)
H-Hour, Vexed, Skin Yard, Love Battery, Icky Joey, Helios Creed, Paisley Sin, Fastbacks, Presidents of the United States of America, Minus 5, Sanford Arms, 70 Proof, Congratulators, Subset, Rizzo Star and the Pinups, Nevada Bachelors

Steve Fisk* (etc.)
Pell Mell, Pigeonhed, Halo Benders

Wayne Flower
Violent Green, Treepeople, Halo Benders

Ed Fotheringham (vocal)
Thrown-Ups, Eddy and the Back Nine, Icky Joey (guitar), Sad and Lonelys, Love and Respect

Dave Fox (bass)
Deaf Guy, Pines, Posies, Flop, Tube Top

Scott Fox (bass)
Crackerbash, Satan's Pilgrims, Starpower

Chris Friel (drums)
Shadow, Jangletown, Luv. Co, El Steiner, Give, Maxine, Jodie Watts, Goodness, Blue Spark, Rockfords

Rick Friel (bass)
Give, Shadow, Jangletown, Blue Spark, Rockfords

Lulu Gargiulo (vocals, guitar)
Fastbacks, Motorhoney

Rebecca Gates* (vocals, guitar)

Greg Gilmore (drums)
Living, Ten Minute Warning, Mother Love Bone, Blind Horse, Endino's Earthworm, Crack Jockey, El Steiner, Son of Man, Mommy, Harmonic Antenna, Doghead, LAND, Radio Chongching (note: Greg would like everyone to know that he was NEVER in Eternity.)

Max Godsil (bass)
My Eye, Stomach Pump

William Goldsmith (drums)
Positive Greed, Makeshift, Reason for Hate, Screaming Hormones, Thirteen, Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters

Stone Gossard* (guitar)
Ducky Boys, March of Crimes, Green River, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Brad, Bay Leaf

Jeremiah Green (drums)
Satisfact, Red Stars Theory, Modest Mouse

Dave Grohl (drums)
Scream, Nirvana, Foo Fighters (guitar, vocals)

Regan Hagar (drums)
Maggot Brains, Malfunkshun, Luv Co., Mo'Lasses, Lords of the Wasteland, Satchel, Brad

Terry Lee Hale* (vocals)

Leslie Hardy
Juned, Kill Sybil, Hole, Love as Laughter, Murder City Devils

Tim Hayes (guitar)
Kings of Rock

Ron Heathman (guitar)
Supersuckers, Screwmatics, Junkyard Dogs, 70 Proof

Bill Henderson (guitar)
Girl Trouble

Bon Henderson (Bon Von Wheelie) (drums)
Girl Trouble

John Hoag (guitar)

Dan Hoerner (bass)
Resolution, Sunny Day Real Estate

Sean Hollister (drums)
Chaoss, King Krab, Sweetpea Lantern and his Butt Meat Men, Felch, Solomon Grundy, Varnum's Amusement, Kitty Kitty, 1212, Pat Moss, Viking War, Log Hog, Seamus Shape, Bayolsom Canoe, Falcon, Six, Valis

Daniel House (bass)
Death of Marat, Helios Creed, Yeast, Feedback, Skin Yard, Ten Minute Warning

Joe Howard (Skyward)* (bass)
Elastics, Pure Joy, Sky Cries Mary, Posies, Skyward, Sunny Day Real Estate

Tad Hutchinson (drums)
Young Fresh Fellows, Boatrampmen, The Band Almost Known as Starter Kit (Chris and Tad Show)

Mike Inez (bass)
Ozzy Osborne, Alice in Chains, Spys4Darwin

Jack Irons (drums)
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eleven, Pearl Jam

Calvin Johnson (vocals)
Beat Happening, Go Team, Dub Narcotic Sound System, Halo Benders

Mike Johnson* (guitar, vocals)
Snakepit, Dinosaur Jr., Mark Lanegan, Caustic Resin

Nate Johnson (drums)
Fastbacks, Pure Joy, Flop, Fabulon

Polly Johnson (drums)
Bell Jar, 764-HERO

Eric Judy (bass)
Modest Mouse

Cory Kane (bass)
Satchel, Devilhead

Kurt P. Kendall (vocal)
Girl Trouble

Tim Kerr (guitar)
Big Boys, Bad Mutha Goose, Lord High Fixers, Poison 13, Jack O' Fire, Monkeywrench

Sean Kinney (drums)
Alice in Chains, Speed Twin, Spys4Darwin

Peter Klett (guitar)

Dave Krusen (drums)
Boibs, Outrigger, Agent Boy, Tal Goettling, Hard Time, Warm Drive, Pearl Jam, Son of Man, Hovercraft, Candlebox

Mike Kunka

godheadSilo, Dead Low Tide

Mark Lanegan* (vocals)
Screaming Trees, Disinformation

Alan Larsen (vocal)
Snakepit, Sandy Dirt, Polar Bears, Some Velvet Sidewalk

Heather Lewis (drums)
Beat Happening

Peter Litwin (guitar)
Coffin Break, Daddy Hate Box, Softy

Courtney Love (vocals, guitar)
Sugar Baby Doll, Faith No More, Nighty Nite, Hole, Bastard

Matt Lukin (bass)
Melvins, Mudhoney

Brett Lunsford (guitar)
Beat Happening

Steve Mack (vocal)
Thrown-Ups, Anodyne

Bardi Martin (bass)

Barrett Martin (drums)
Thin Men, Skin Yard, Endino's Earthworm, Screaming Trees, Mad Season/Disinformation, Tuatara

Kevin Martin (vocals)

Doug Martsch* (vocals, guitar)
State of Confusion, Treepeople, Built to Spill, Halo Benders

John McBain (guitar)
Monster Magnet, Hater, Wellwater Conspiracy, Devilhead

Jana McCall* (bass)

Scott McCaughey* (vocals, etc)
Young Fresh Fellows, Minus 5, Tuatara

Mike McCready (guitar)
Shadow, Luv. Co., Love Chile, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, Mad Season/ Disinformation, Rockfords

Scott McCollum (drums)
64 Spiders, Skin Yard, Gruntruck, Capping Day, Softy, Mona Diesel

Duff McKagan* (drums)
Living, Vains, Fastbacks, Ten Minute Warning, Fartz, Silly Killers, The D.T.'s Cleavage, some LA 80's band, Neurotic Outsiders, Loaded

Ben McMillan (vocal)
Feast, Skin Yard, Gruntruck, Mona Diesel

Christy McWilson (vocal, guitar)
Dynette Set, Power Mowers, Picketts

Nate Mendel (bass)
Christ on a Crutch, Brotherhood, Diddly Squat, Galleon's Lap, Product of Rape, Sunny Day Real Estate, Foo Fighters

Scott Mercado (drums)
Sky Cries Mary, Candlebox

Theodore Miller (drums)
Red Vines, Crackerbash, Satan's Pilgrims, Brothers E

Mike Mongrain (drums)
Control Freak, Foil, TAD

Steve Moriarity (drums)
Gits, Dancing French Liberals of '48, Speed Queen

Ledge Morissette (bass)
Mono Men

John "Mort" Mortensen (guitar, vocal)
Game For Vultures, Dehumanizers, Mono Men

Mike Musburger (drums)
The Posies, Fastbacks, Love Battery, Flop, Tube Top, Shuggie, Ruston Mire, Marshall Artist, Miracle Whip, No. 13 Baby

Brian Naubert (guitar, vocal)
Pop Sickle, Tube Top

Wade Neal (guitar)

Danny Newcomb (guitar)
Shadow, Cheap Ones, Goodness, Rockfords

Brett Nelson (guitar, bass)
Built to Spill, Butterfly Train

Brett Netson
Built to Spill, Caustic Resin

Joe Newton (drums)
Vexed, Aerobic Death, Gas Huffer

Tom Niemeyer (guitar, vocals)
Accused, Gruntruck, Lye

Ron Nine (Rudzitis) (vocals, guitar)
Room Nine, Love Battery

Krist Novoselic (bass)
Stiff Woodies (vocal), Sellouts (vocal), Nirvana, Sweet 75

Jennifer Olay (bass)
Some Velvet Sidewalk, Violent Green

Buzz Osborne (vocal, guitar)
Melvins, Fecal Matter, Brown Towel/Cow

Tim Paul (bass)
Gruntruck, Lye

Donny Paycheck (drums)

Pat Pedersen (bass)
Skin Yard, Sister Psychic

Robin Peringer (bass)
Kill Sybil, 764-HERO, Modest Mouse, Love As Laughter, Heavy Into Jeff

Dan Peters (drums)
Feast, Fastbacks, Bundle of Hiss, Love Battery, Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Mudhoney, Sad and Lonelys, Valis

Darren Peters (bass)
H-Hour, Willard

Kristen Pfaff (bass)
Janitor Joe, Sonny and Chernobyl, Drool, Palm, Hole

Dale Phillips (bass)
Girl Trouble

Mark Pickerel (drums)
Screaming Trees, Truly, Dark Fantastic

Scott Plouf (drums)
Enemymine, Thrones, Built to Spill, Spinanes

John Polle (guitar, vocals)
Stuntman, Treepeople

Joe Preston (bass)
Snakepit, Thrones, Melvins, Need

Tom Price (guitar)
Psychopop, U-Men, Gas Huffer, Kings of Rock, Monkeywrench

Chris Pugh (guitar)
Swallow, Creep

Chris Quinn
SGM, Truly, Bottle of Smoke

Tony Reed (T. Dallas Reed) (bass)

Garth Reeves (guitar)
Goodness, Blue Spark

Bill Rieflin (drums)
Blackouts, Lead Into Gold, Ministry, Pigface, Dark Load, Sweet 75, Pailhead, Harmonic Antenna

Emily Rieman (bass)
Lava, Wild Betty, Softy

Abe Zanuel "Sonny" Riggs (vocals)

Rick Roberts (bass)

Geoff Robinson (guitar)
Blood Circus

Aaron Roeder (drums)
Mono Men

Neil Rogers (guitar)
Derelicts, Zipgun, Glazed

Tom Romich (bass)
Caustic Resin, Built to Spill Caustic Resin

Charile Ryan
Wad Squad, U-Men, Cat Butt, Crows, Bottle of Smoke

Greg Sage (vocals)

Stefanie Sargent (guitar)
Barbie's Dream Car, Seven Year Bitch

Jim Sangster (bass)
Blunt Objects, Young Fresh Fellows, Picketts, Congratulators

John Sangster
Young Fresh Fellows, Congratulators

John Baker Saunders (bass)
Lamont Cranston, Mad Season, Walkabouts

Larry Schemel (guitar)
Flesheaters, Gimmicks, Mainman

Patty Schemel (drums)
Doll Squad, Nighty Nite, Kill Sybil, Hole, Bastard, Mainman

Scott Schickler (drums)
Limp Richerds, Thrown-Ups, Swallow, Bell

Scott Schmaljohn (vocal, guitar)
Stuntman, Treepeople

Dave Schneider (drums)
Love As Laughter, Lync, Satisfact, Built to Spill

Dan Seigel (drums)

Ben Shepherd (guitar/bass)
March of Crimes, Episode, 600 School, Mind Circus (guitar), Tic Dolly Row (vocal), Soundgarden (bass), Hater, Devilhead, Wellwater Conspiracy (bass/vocal)

Alex Shumway/Vincent (drums)
Spluii Numa, Green River, All Over You

Alex Sibbald (bass)
Maggot Brains, Accused, Itchy Brother, Cheating Death, Gruntruck, Red Hot Lunatic

Skerik (Naglas Sin Carne) (horns)
Sadhappy, Critter's Buggin, Tuatara, PONGA, Crack Sabbath

Tommy Simpson (Bonehead) (bass)
Crisis Party, Love Battery, Alcohol Funnycar

Rick Sims (guitar)

Josh Sinder (drums)
Accused, TAD, Gruntruck, Red Hot Lunatics

Rob Skinner (vocals, bass)
Coffin Break, Pop Sickle, Fongs, Rustin Mire, Endino's Earthworm

Chris Slusarenko (vocals, guitar)
Sprinkler, Svelt, Moustache, Cavemanish Boys

Nate Slusarenko (drums)
Death Midget, Sprinkler, Svelt, Moustache, Cavemanish Boys

Lisa Smith (drums)
Dickless, Teen Angels

Shawn Smith* (vocals, piano)
Luv Co., Satchel, Brad, Pigeonhed

Eddie Spaghetti (Daly) (vocals, bass)
Supersuckers, Screwmatics, Junkyard Dogs, 70 Proof

Joe Spleen (Andrew Kessler) (guitar)
Gits, Dancing French Liberals of '48 (vocal), Speed Queen

Layne Staley (vocals)
Alice in Chains, Mad Season

Mike Starr (bass)
Alice in Chains, Sun Red Sun

Aaron Stauffer (vocals)
Spook and the Zombies?, Seaweed, Gardener

Ken Stringfellow (guitar)
Posies, Sky Cries Mary, Minus 5, Chariot, Saltine, Orange Humble Band, Teen Princess

Richard Stuverud (drums)
Fastbacks, Luv. Co., TKO, War Babies, Pilot, Blind Horse, Lazy Suzan, Bombardiers, Three Fish

Scott Sutherland (vocals)
Chemistry Set (vox + guitar), Pure Joy, Model Rockets

Emerick Swaine (bass)
Rawhead Rex, Sprinkler

T-Man (Tracey Simmons) (bass)
Blood Circus

Kim Thayil (guitar)
Identity Crisis, Shemps, Soundgarden, Dark Load

Gary Thorstensen (guitar)
Treeclimbers, TAD, Summerland

Chris Tilden (vocals)
Blind Horse, Native Messiah

Jim Tillman (bass)
U-Men, Love Battery

Harris Thurmond (guitar)
Hammerbox, Anodyne, Sanford Arms

Jeremy Toback* (bass)

Carla Torgenson (keyboards, vocals, cello)

Dave Triebwasser (drums)

Corin Tucker (guitar, vocals)
Heavens to Betsy, Cadallaca, Heartless Martian, Sleater-Kinney

Steve Turner (guitar)
Ducky Boys, Limp Richerds, Mr. Epp, Spluii Numa, Green River, Mudhoney, Bushpigh, Sad and Lonelys also: Monkeywrench, Fall-Outs (bass)

Scott Vanderpool (drums)
Young Pioneers, Room Nine, Chemistry Set

Rob Vasquez (vocals)
Look, Nights and Days, Night Kings, Man Tee Mans

Eddie Vedder (vocals)
Bad Radio, Pearl Jam, Temple of The Dog

Selene Vigil (vocals)
Barbie's Dream Car, Seven Year Bitch

Kim Warnick (bass, vocals)
Fastbacks, Motorhoney

Ray Washam (drums)
Rapeman, TAD

John Waterman (bass)
600 School, Episode, Mind Circus, Devilhead, Hater

Clint Werner (guitar)

Kevin Whitworth (guitar)
Crisis Party, Love Battery, Meddaphysical

Steve Wied (Wiederhold) (drums)
Strange Bulge, Death and Taxes, Skin Yard, TAD, Daddy Hate Box, Willard, Foil

Rusty Willoughby (vocals, guitar)
Sick Man in Europe, Pure Joy, Flop, Dwindles also Fastbacks, Eddy & the Back Nine (drums)

Andrew Wood (vocals, piano)
Malfunkshun, Mother Love Bone

Brian Wood (vocals)
Fire Ants, Hater, Devilhead

Kevin Wood (guitar)
Malfunkshun, Fire Ants, Devilhead

Mark Wooten (bass)
Zany Boys, Zipgun, Noble Firs, Outskirts, RC5

Matt Wright (vocals)
Holy Ghost People, Gas Huffer

Hiro Yamamoto (bass)
Identity Crisis, Shemps, Soundgarden, Truly

Ralf Youtz (drums)
Built to Spill, No Sone, Feelings, Halo Benders

Mia Zapata (vocals)