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Note: This list also includes Sub Pop singles club releases. For the complete list of exclusively singles club releases, click here.
All listings are 7" singles, except when noted.
Catalog numbers and release dates are in US notation.
Asterisk (*) after songs indicate single is still available through their respective labels.
Carrot (^) after songs indicate single is available on cd format, see notes for extra tracks, if applicab


High School Poetry/Only Things With Arms*
Up UP028 (19??)

Garrison/On A Set*
Up UP076 (19??)

Arm, Mark

The Freewheelin' Mark Arm
Masters of War/My Life With Rickets
Sub Pop SP87 (1990)
known colors: purple, red, green, black
Masters of War is a Bob Dylan cover

Beat Happening

Red Head Walking/Secret Picnic Spot
Sub Pop SP74 (1990)
first 2000 on red vinyl

Blood Circus

Two Way Street/Six Foot Under
Sub Pop SP13 (1988)
pressing of 1000 (800 on red, 200 on black)
no picture sleeve

Built to Spill

Distopian Dream Girl/Scarin'
Up UP015 (19??)

Built to Spill/Marine Research*

KRE089 (19??)

Caustic Resin

Up UP013

Coffin Break

Sub Pop SP85 (1990)
first 2000 on red vinyl


November 1/Halloween Candy*
Sub Pop SP158 (1992)
pressing of 2752 (marbled lavender vinyl)
Aug 1992 installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club
Halloween Candy is a Spinanes cover
A few copies are still available through Sub Pop

Dead Moon

Dirty Noise/Dark Deception
Sub Pop SP200
pressing of 2000 (clear vinyl)
Mar 93 installment of Sub Pop Singles Club


Misery Maker/Wash
Sub Pop SP70 (1990)
pressing of 2000 (blue vinyl)

Don't Wanna Live (double single)^
I Don't Wanna Live/Fight/Promises Burned/Why Does It Hurt/Why Did She Die
Sub Pop SP128 (1991)
made in Germany
see album discography for cdep


I'm A Man/Saddle Tramp
Sub Pop SP59 (1990)
pressing of 4000 (mint green vinyl)
most copies come with sticker + insert
I'm A Man is a cover of ?

Dickless All-Stars
Sub Pop SP 441 (1999)
pressing of 500 (purple vinyl)
no picture sleeve
no identification of band or songs on record
450 given away at Sub Pop Records Anniversary Party
given away to first 50 customers with a $100 order in June 1999
plays at 45 rpm but has a 33 rpm size hole

Mark Arm sings on Lumberjack


The Answer Is You (double single)
Sub Pop SP104 (1990)
single one: Impatience/Whatever Happened To?
single two: Above the Sunrise/My Letters
first 2500 with one red record and one green record in poster sleeve
Whatever Happened To? is a Buzzcocks cover

Gas Huffer

Hot Cakes/Beer Drinking Cavemen From Mars
Sub Pop SP163 (1990)


Booby Trap + Turn Up the Vocals/Gypsie + Sprechen Sie Nuts*
Sub Pop SP344 (1996)


Dicknail/Burn Black
Sub Pop SP93 (1991)
pressing of 5000 (3500 on grey vinyl)

Johnson, Mike

100% Off/The Redeember
Up UP003 (19??)


Up UP016 (19??)

Love Battery

Between the Eyes/Easter
Sub Pop SP45 (1989)
pressing of 3000 (first 500 on red vinyl)
a-side is inscribed with the message "dial M for muzak"
uncorrected error on both sides: label on record says songs published by "Better Than Your Music", which is Mudhoney's publishing name

Foot/Mr. Soul
Sub Pop SP135 (1991)
pressing of 4500
Nov 1991 installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club
Foot is alternate version of album track
Mr. Soul is a Neil Young cover

Modest Mouse

Broke/Every Time I Breathe Out You Breathe In
Sub Pop SP338 (1996)

Blue Cadet-3, do you connect? + Dukes Up/Woodgrain+It Always Rains on a Picnic+5,4,3,2,1.... Lisp off
K KRE058 (19??)

Never Ending Math Equation/Working On Leavin' the Livin'
Sub Pop SP436 (1998)
pressing of 2000
May 1998 installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club


Bottle Up and Go/Cold Cold World (No Organ)/Out of Focus
Sub Pop SP139 (1992)
first pressing on clear red vinyl

(source for much of the Mudhoney singles: the unofficial Mudhoney page)

Touch Me I'm Sick/Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
Sub Pop SP18 (1988)
three pressings
a-side inscribed with the message "what does the word crack mean to you?" on all singles
first edition:
no picture sleeve
a-side sticker lists credits, b-side sticker contains "toilet picture", the cover of later Touch Me singles
200 on black vinyl, 800 on brown vinyl, several on other colors
second edition:
marked as second edition on back sleeve
first pressing of 3000? (black vinyl), other colors: aqua, green, pink, orange, purple
three-yellow line Sub Pop Stickers
third edition*:
marked as third edition on back sleeve
black w/ four stars Sub Pop stickers

You Got It (Keep It Outta My Face)/Burn It Clean
Sub Pop SP33 (1988)
first pressing of 300 on white vinyl and 3000 on black vinyl with inner-picture sleeve
a-side and b-side inscribed with the messages "mouthful of dirt" and "handful of charms" respectively, two lyrics from the Mudhoney song, "Mudride"

This Gift/Baby Help Me Forget
Sub Pop SP44a (1989)
first pressing of 3000 (purple vinyl)
Baby Help Me Forget a cover of Mr. Epp and the Calculations

You're Gone/Thorn+You Make Me Die
Sub Pop SP63
first pressing of 3000 (pink vinyl)
Thorn is alternate version of album track
You Make Me Die written by and performed with Billy Childish

Let It Slide/Ounce of Deception + Checkout Time
Sub Pop SP95 (1991)
some singles on clear chartreuse vinyl, others on grey or black vinyl
Checkout Time is alternate version of album track
made in Germany

Butterfly Stroke/Editions of You
Sub Pop SPxx (1999)
pressing of
Nov 1999 installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club
Editions of You is a Roxy Music cover

Mudhoney/Jimmie Dale Gilmore

Mudhoney  Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown / Jimmie Dale Gilmore   Blinding Sun^
Sub Pop SP248 (1994)
both artists cover each others songs

cdep contains original versions of the songs plus a collaboration of the Rolling Stones song Before They Make Me Run

Mudhoney/Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth  Touch Me I'm Sick / Mudhoney  Halloween
Sub Pop SP26 (1988)
pressing of 3000 (500 on clear vinyl)
Dec 1988 installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club
Sonic Youth side is labeled "S" with "Sonic Sex" written on label
Mudhoney side is labeled "M" with "Mud Slave" written on label
both artists cover each others songs


Love Buzz intro + Love Buzz/Big Cheese
Sub Pop SP23 (1988)
pressing of 1000
Nov 1988 (premier) installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club
sticker included with single

Sub Pop SP73 (1990)
three pressings
first 3000 on blue vinyl
conversation between Jon Poneman and Krist Novoselic at end of side one


Nirvana  Molly's Lips (live)/ The Fluid  Candy (live)
Sub Pop SP97 (1991)
pressing of 7500 (4000 on green vinyl)
Jan 1991 installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club


Sub Pop SP178 (1992)
white vinyl

Moth/You Don't Quite Get It Do You But You're Trying Hard
Sub Pop SP263 (1993)

Screaming Trees

Change Has Come (double single)^
single one: Change Has Come/Days
single two: Flashes/Time Speaks Her Golden Tongue
Sub Pop SP48 (1989)
one black single and one white single
poster sleeve
cdep comes with bonus track, I've Seen You Before
see album discography for cdep info


Sub Pop SP141 (1992)
pressing of
Pumpkin is a cover of ?

Sub Pop SP168 (1992)
first 2000 on pumpkin orange vinyl

Skin Yard

Start at the Top/Watch
Sub Pop SP47 (1989)
pressing of 4000 (500 on white vinyl, 500 on clear vinyl, 3000 on black vinyl)


Hunted Down/Nothing to Say
Sub Pop SP12a (1987)
pressing of 500 on blue vinyl
no picture sleeve

Room A Thousand Years Wide/HIV Baby
Sub Pop SP83 (1990)
pressing of 5000 (1500 on grape vinyl)
Sep 90 bonus single for Sub Pop Singles Club


Spitfire/Bad Karma
Sub Pop SP210
Bad Karma is a Crackerbash cover

Madding/10 Metre Platform*
Sub Pop SP317 (1996)
Madding is alternate version of album track

All Sold Out/She Smiles Sweetly*
Sub Pop SP401 (1999)
She Smiles Sweetly is a Rolling Stone cover


Sub Pop SP212 (1993)


...Like A Big Fuckin' Train
Luck/I Say Fuck/Caliente/Retarded Bill/Four Strike
Sub Pop SP125 (1991)
first pressing on purple vinyl

Hell City, Hell/Dead Homiez
Sub Pop SP170 (1992)
Dead Homiez is an Ice Cube cover

She's My Bitch/Drinkin' 'N' Drivin'
Sub Pop SP225 (1993)

On the Couch/Can't Resist
Sub Pop SP280 (1994?)

Born With A Tail/Are You Ready?
Sub Pop SP296 (1995)

Born With A Tail/Run Like A Motherfucker*
Sub Pop SP314 (1995)
made in England

Marie/19th Most Powerful Woman In Rock
Sub Pop SP315 (1995)
made in England

Supersuckers/Reverend Horton Heat

Supersuckers  400 Bucks / Reverend Horton Heat  Caliente
Sub Pop SP249 (1994)
both artists cover each others songs


Supersuckers  Mother Mary / Tenderloin  Leave This Town*
Sub Pop SP384 (1996)
Mother Mary is a cover of Thin Lizzy
Leave This Town is a cover of UFO


Sub Pop SP14 (1988)
pressing of 800 (600 on yellow vinyl)
no picture sleeve


Ritual Device/Daisy
Sub Pop SP19 (1988)
pressing of 1034 (964 on clear vinyl and 70 on gold vinyl)
no picture sleeve

Loser/Cooking With Gas
Sub Pop SP55 (1990)
first 3000 on green vinyl
back cover of sleeve drawn by Peter Bagge

Jinx/Pig Iron
Sub Pop SP80 (1991)
first 2000 on yellow vinyl

Sub Pop SP182 (1993)
cdep includes extra track, Leper

Oppenheimer's Pretty Nightmare/Accident on the Way to Church
Up UP055 (19??)

TAD/Pussy Galore

TAD  Damaged 1 / Pussy Galore  Damaged 2
Sub Pop SP37 (1989)
pressing of 2500
Jun 89 installment of Sub Pop Singles Club

Teen Angels

Teen Dream/Julie's Jazz Odyssey*
Sub Pop SP 305 (1995)


Leslie's Coughing Up Blood/Virtually
Sub Pop SP201 (1993)

Violent Green

You Make Me Wish I Had A Gun/Waiting For June+ Wine*
Up UP001 (19??)

Various Artists

hype! boxed set 4 x 7"
Sub Pop SP378 (1996)
pressed on violet, green, blue, grey vinyl
comes with poster designed by Art Chantry and Jeff Kleinsmith

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