Sub Pop Singles Club releases
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version 1.1
started 11/16/99, last updated 1/15/00

(Note: Only lists releases from 11/88 to 12/93. Check back for updates.)

November 1988
sp23 Nirvana  Love Buzz intro/Love Buzz/Big Cheese
pressing of 1000 hand-numbered copies
comes with sticker

December 1988
sp26 Mudhoney  Halloween/ Sonic Youth  Touch Me I'm Sick
pressing of 3000 (500 on clear vinyl)

January 1989
sp28 The Flaming Lips  Strychnine/Drug Machine/Peace, Love, and Understanding
pressing of 1500

February 1989
sp29 Les Thugs  Chess and Crimes/Sunday Time
pressing of 1500

March 1989
sp30 Helios Creed  Nothing Wrong/The Sky
pressing of 1500

April 1989
sp32 Afghan Whigs  I Am the Sticks/White Trash Party
pressing of 1500

May 1989
sp35 Mad Daddies  Alligator Wine/Take Me Back to Woodstock
pressing of 1500

June 1989
sp37 Tad/Pussy Galore  Damaged 1/Damaged 2
pressing of 2500

July 1989
sp39 Das Damen  Sad Mile/Making Time
pressing of 1500

August 1989
sp40 Rapeman  Inki's Butt Crack/Song Number One
pressing of 2500 (1000 on clear vinyl)

September 1989
sp43 Lazy Cowgirls  Loretta/Hybrid Moments
pressing of 2000

October 1989
sp46 Lonely Moans  Shoot the Cool/Texas Love Goat
pressing of 2000 (1200 on red vinyl)

November 1989
sp51 The Honeymoon Killers  Get It Hot/Gettin' Hot
pressing of 2000 (1200 on red vinyl)

December 1989
sp52   Fugazi  Joe #1/Break In/Song #1
pressing of 2000 hand-numbered copies (1200 on green vinyl)

January 1990
sp58 L7  Shove/Packin' A Rod
pressing of 3000 (1200 on green vinyl)

February 1990
sp50 Dwarves  She's Dead/Fuckhead
pressing of 3000 (1500 on white vinyl)

March 1990
sp53 Big Chief  Blowout Kit/Chrome Helmet
pressing of 3000 (1500 on white vinyl)

April 1990
sp65 Lubricated Goat  Meating My Head/20th Century Rake
pressing of 3500 (2000 on gold vinyl)

May 1990
sp66 Babes in Toyland  House/Arriba
pressing of 3500 (2000 on gold vinyl)

June 1990
sp68 Dinosaur Jr.  The Wagon/Better Than Gone
pressing of 10000 on white vinyl (200 on purple vinyl)

July 1990
sp71 Thee Headcoats  Davy Crockett/Time Will Tell
pressing of 4000 (2000 on blue vinyl)

August 1990
sp75 Sister Ray  The King/Push Me
pressing of 4000 (2500 on yellow)

September 1990
sp76 Unsane  Vandal X/Street Sweeper
pressing of 4000 (2500 on green)

October 1990
sp88 Poster Children  Pointed Stick/Thinner Stronger
pressing of 4500 (colored vinyl?)

November 1990
sp86 Poison Idea  We Got the Beat/Taken By Surprise
pressing of 4500 (colored vinyl?)

December 1990
sp96 Reverend Horton Heat  Psychobilly Freakout/Baby You Know Who
pressing of 6500 (colored vinyl?)

January 1991
sp97 The Fluid  Candy (live)/ Nirvana  Molly's Lips (live)
pressing of 7500 (4000 on green vinyl)

February 1991
sp102 The Velvet Monkeys  Rock the Nation/Why Don't We Do It in the Road
pressing of 7000 (4000 on clear vinyl)

March 1991
sp103 Unrest  A Factory Record
pressing of 7000 (4000 on lilac vinyl)

April 1991
sp108 Shonen Knife  Neon Zebra/Bear Up Bison (live)
pressing of 5000 (green vinyl)
made in Germany

May 1991
sp109 Urge Overkill  Now That's the Barchords/What's This Generation Coming To
pressing of 5000 (yellow vinyl)
made in Germany

June/July 1991
sp121 Alice Cooper tribute (double 7")
single one: Sonic Youth  Is It My Body/ Gumball  Under My Wheels
single two: These Immortal Souls  Luney Tune/ Laughing Hyenas  Public Animal #9
pressing of 5500 (some on blue-grey vinyl)

August 1991
sp115 Come  Car/Last Mistake
pressing of 4500 (white vinyl)

September 1991
sp119 Gorilla  Detox Man/Sober
pressing of 4500 (grey vinyl)

October 1991
sp134 The Gories  Give Me Some Money/You Don't Love Me
pressing of 4500 (red vinyl)

November 1991
sp135 Love Battery  Foot (alt. version)/Mr. Soul
pressing of 4000

December 1991
sp136 Green Magnet School  Singed/Slipper
pressing of 4000 (gold vinyl)

January 1992
sp137 Tsunami  Left Behind/Velocity Girl  Warm/Crawl
pressing of 4000 (strawberry red vinyl)

February/March 1992
sp140 Smells Like Smoked Sausages (double single)
Tar  Deep Down/ Cows  My Girl/ Helmet  Oven/ Vertigo  Dynamite Cigar/ Helios Creed  Hideous Greed/ Boss Hog  Fire of Love/ God Bullies   Bullet/ Surgery  Our Demise
pressing of 5000 (pink vinyl)
all bands on Amphetamine Reptile label

April 1992
sp149 Mecca Normal  You Heard It AIl/Broken Flowers/ Kreviss  Going to Hell
pressing of 3500 (marbled forest green vinyl)

May 1992
sp148 Pain Teens  Death Row Eyes/The Smell
pressing of 3285 (1841 on blue vinyl, 1234 on white, 210 on aqua)

June 1992
sp154 Rocket From the Crypt  Normal Carpet Ride/Where Are the Fuckers/Slumber Queen/Flip the Bird
pressing of 2916 (blue vinyl)

July 1992
sp155 Codeine  Realize/Broken-Hearted Wine
pressing of 2933 (clear or white vinyl)

August 1992
sp158 Crackerbash  Nov. 1/Halloween Candy
pressing of 2752 (lavender marble vinyl)

September 1992
sp159 Mono Men  Skin and Bones/Comanche
pressing of 2746 (bright blue vinyl)

October 1992
sp173 Big Damn Crazyweight  Might As Well/Off That Cow
pressing of 2341 (gold vinyl)

November 1992
sp174 Anti-Seen  We Got This Far (Without You)/(We Will Not) Remember You
pressing of 2205 (magenta vinyl)

December 1992
sp180 The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion  Big Yule Log Boogie/My Christmas Wish to You
pressing of 2218 (magenta vinyl)

January 1993
sp181 Wolverton Brothers  My Assassin/Max Gomez Love
pressing of 2015 (white vinyl)

February 1993
sp199 Bewitched  Hey White Honey/Troll Doll
pressing of 2000 (clear orange vinyl)

March 1993
sp200 Dead Moon  Dirty Noise/Dark Deception
pressing of 2125 (clear vinyl)

April 1993
sp203 Royal Trux  Steal Yr Face/Get Off
pressing of 2000 (purple vinyl)

May 1993
sp204 SF Seals  Nowherica/Being Cheated
pressing of 2000 (clear pink vinyl)

June 1993
sp213 Severin  Waste of Time/Powerplay
pressing of 2000 (clear green vinyl)

July 1993
sp214 Ween  Skycruiser/Cruise Control
pressing of 2000 (pink vinyl)

August 1993
sp219 Snow Bud  Killer Bud/Third Shelf
pressing of 2000 (bright green vinyl)

September 1993
sp236 Combustible Edison  Cry Me A River/Satan Says
pressing of 2070 (colors?)

October 1993
sp240 Pigface  Empathy/Steam Roller
pressing of 1500 (clear vinyl)

November 1993
sp241 Didjits  Dear Junkie/Skull Baby/Fire in the Hole
pressing of 1500 (orange vinyl)

December 1993
sp251 Lou Barlow (double single)  I Am Not Mocking You/Survival/Helpless Heartbreak/Dirty Mind/Forever Instant
pressing of 1500 (pink vinyl)

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