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A collection of stuff that didn't fit in the other sections.
five horizons' guide to Seattle*
northwest record stores list* (to Jack Endino's site)

Fastbacks drummers* 13 drummers have hit the skins for this legendary band. Check out the complete list.
Essential sources For more information on Northwest music, check out these items.
Talking In Code Think you know your grunge slang? Not without this NY Times glossary.
Worthwhile Causes Northwest benefit organizations that need your help.
Happy Birthday Birthdays of your favorite Northwest band members.
Family Tree (JPEG file) The genealogy that led up to Pearl Jam. (5/4/99)
Honorary Seattleites
"My Hometown" Map of the Pacific Northwest, with each band's hometown listed:
small map | large map
What's In A Name Origins of the band's names.
Sub Pop Singles Club List Complete list of all the monthly Sub Pop Singles Club releases. (11/16/99)
Jack Endino's Twelve Most Memorable Recording Experiences (11/17/99)
Top Ten Reasons To Live In Seattle by Love Battery (11/16/99)