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The Northwest music scene is more than just music. The following are a list of Northwest-based non-profit organizations that many Northwest bands have supported. Please help.

Home Alive is a collective of performance and visual artists (and other freaks) hell bent on fighting all forms of violence including rape, domestic abuse, gay/lesbian bashing, racism, and all forms of oppression. They support people choosing any form of self-defense that is necessary to survive in any given situation- ANYTHING that keeps us alive.

Since the brutal rape and murder of Mia Zapata on July 7, 1993, we are dedicated to presenting an on-going series of high-intensity music, art, theater, film and video events that raise money to provide our community with free or affordable self-defense workshops, educational material, resource information, and a nagging reminder that none of us are safe.

Home Alive
1202 E. Pike Street #1127
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 521-9176

JAMPAC (Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee) is a non-profit organization committed to protecting freedom of expression for musical artists and freedom of choice for music consumers. JAMPAC believes that all forms of music are artistic expressions that merit First Amendment protection.

P.O. Box 4135
Seattle, WA 98104-0135
(206) 623-2320
(206) 623-2660 (fax)

Artists For A Hate-Free America (AHFA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to countering bigotry, homophobia, racism, violence and censorship in American politics and public life, through strategies of education, grassroots organizing and advocacy.

Artists For A Hate-Free America
244 Madison Ave. Suite 353
New York, NY 10016
(212) 921-5882

Washington Wilderness Coalition
is a statewide coalition of individuals and groups dedicated to preserving wilderness and biodiversity for the benefit of future generations. WWC works to protect and restore wildlands and waters through outreach, public education, organizing, and support of grassroots conservation groups.

Washington Wilderness Coalition
4649 Sunnyside Ave. N. No. 242
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 633-1992
(206) 633-1996 (fax)

Northwest AIDS Foundation is dedicated to ensuring and maintaining the highest quality of life for people living with HIV and AIDS, to preventing the spread of HIV, and to advocating for all those whose lives have been affected by HIV and AIDS.

Northwest AIDS Foundation
127 Broadway E
Seattle, WA 98102
(206) 329-6923
(206) 325-2689 (fax)
(206) 323-2685 (TTD)

Chicken Soup Brigade is a community-based agency providing practical support services for people living with HIV / AIDS in King County (Washington State, USA). Our services include home delivery of fresh meals and groceries, household chores, and transportation. We are committed to enhancing the quality of life and maintaining the dignity of those we serve.

Chicken Soup Brigade
1002 E Seneca St
Seattle, WA 98122-4214

(206) 328-8979
(206) 328-0171 (fax)

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