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Seaweed live
aaron stauffer of seaweed
photo by charles peterson

Gardener: New Dawning Time (Sub Pop) (1999)
This album features Aaron of Seaweed, Van Conner of Screaming Trees, and a bunch of friends helping them out such as Pat Conner of Kitty Kitty and Seaweed members Clint Werner and Alan Cage. The best 'shack rock' anywhere! This album rules!

write to seaweed:

PO Box 45436
Tacoma WA 98445

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Seaweed, maybe the best band ever out of Tacoma, Washington, is also one of the most overlooked and underrated bands in the northwest. They had been around for almost a decade, churning out five full-length albums with the same band lineup (other than replacing original drummer Bob Bulgrien with ex-Quicksand skinman Alan Cage). They rock with a capital "R" and you need to pick up some of their albums.

Seaweed (1990-1999)
Aaron Stauffer- vocal
Wade Neal- guitar
Clint Werner- guitar
John Atkins- bass
Alan Cage- drums, percussion (replaced Bob Bulgrien in 1995)

selected discography:
Seaweed EP (Leopard Gecko) (1991)
Despised (Sub Pop) (1991)
Weak (Sub Pop) (1992)
Four (Sub Pop) (1993)
Go Your Own Way cd5 (Sub Pop) (1993)
Spanaway (PGD/Hollywood) (1995)
Actions And Indications (Merge/Touch and Go) (1999)

latest news: (August 1, 1999)
According to Geoff, a cool person on the Sub Pop mailing list, Seaweed split following their performance at Merge Records' 10th Anniversary Party. They felt happy with their last release, Actions And Indications and obviously thought they had proved themselves. Apparently, there is "no drama attached" (to steal a phrase) meaning the members don't hate each other and maybe they'll decide to get together again someday.

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