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Chris Cornell live
above: chris cornell from the louder than live cover (photo by charles peterson)

side projects:
Hater (Matt Cameron, Ben Shepherd, + others)
Wellwater Conspiracy (Matt, Ben, + others)
Truly (Hiro's post-Soundgarden band- not actually a side project.)

fan club information:
write to:
knights of the soundtable
p.o. box 61275
seattle, wa 98121

or e-mail them at

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Soundgarden (official site)
Unofficial Soundgarden Home Page

this page made by chris
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Garden of Sound:
A Soundgarden Information Page

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The date April 9, 1997 marked the end of Soundgarden's career, ending a 13 year journey of incredible creativity and music. Though no longer a united entity, Chris, Kim, Ben, and Matt will no doubt create great music with other musicians.

Chris Cornell- vocal
Kim Thayil- guitar
Ben Shepherd- bass (replacing Jason Everman who replaced Hiro Yamamoto)
Matt Cameron- drums, percussion (replacing Scott Sundquist in 1986)

selected discography:
Screaming Life/Fopp (Sub Pop) (86/87/90)
Ultramega OK (SST) (1988)
Louder Than Love (A&M) (1989)
Badmotorfinger (A&M) (1991)
Superunknown (A&M) (1994)
Down On The Upside (A&M) (1996)
A-Sides (A&M) (1997)

Louder Than Live (A&M Video) (1990)
Motorvision (A&M Video) (1992)

latest news:
Currently, Chris Cornell is working on a solo album. The album called Euphoria Morning, will be released September 21. Matt announced in April that he is the new Pearl Jam drummer. Ben and Kim have been busy as well. Also, Chris has not ruled out a reunion.

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