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k-star compilations

k-star 1000
(k pro 001) 1998
Side A

1. brad: secret girl
2. brad: lift
3. soundgarden: superunknown
4. soundgarden: she likes surprises
5. soundgarden: limo wreck
Side B
6. alice in chains: down in a hole

7. alice in chains: sickman
8. alice in chains: sea of sorrow
9. mudhoney: overblown
10. mudhoney: f.d.k. (fearless doctor killers)
Side C

11. mad season: river of deceit
12. mad season: i'm above
13. temple of the dog: say hello to heaven

14. temple of the dog: pushin' forward back
Side D
15. screaming trees: dollar bill
16. screaming trees: look at you
17. mother love bone: crown of thorns
18. pearl jam: porch
19. pearl jam: release

Eight Songs For Joey: In Memory of Joseph T. Payne
(k pro 002) 1999
mudhoney: touch me i'm sick
green river: hangin' tree
green river: ain't nothin' to do
screaming trees: flashes
tad: jack pepsi
love battery: between the eyes
seaweed: card tricks
velocity girl: crazy town (live BBC sessions)

Louder Than Radio
(k pro 003) 11/99
blood circus: two way street
green river: rehab doll
soundgarden: swallow my pride
mudhoney: in n out of grace
nirvana: about a girl
love battery: between the eyes
screaming trees: flashes
tad: wood goblins

Eric Rettberg, This World Is Your Mistake
(starpro 001) 10/99
mark lanegan: last one in the world
spinanes: greetings from the sugar lick
jesus a
nd mary chain: i love rock 'n' roll
sunny day real estate: theodore b.
velocity girl: finest hour
sebadoh: rebound

Megan, Welcome to Earth's Atmosphere (kpro 004) 7/10/2000
Pond: Spots
Sprinkler: Landlord
Fastbacks: I Know
Pigeonhed: Marry Me (Dave Ruffy Mix)
Afghan Whigs: The Temple
Rev. Horton Heat: Lie Detector
Fluid: Twisted & Pissed
Velocity Girl: Go Coastal
Sebadoh: Princess

k-star 2000 (kpro 005) 7/10/2000

Seaweed: Baggage
Afghan Whigs: Retarded
Mudhoney: No One Has
Love Battery: Highway of Souls
Supersuckers: On the Couch
Seaweed: Baggage
Sunny Day Real Estate: 8
Velocity Girl: I Can't Stop Smiling
Spinanes: Den Trawler

Love Battery: Out of Focus
Spinanes: Noel, Jonah, and Me
Sunny Day Real Estate: In Circles
Seaweed: Kid Candy
Velocity Girl: Lose Something
Mudhoney: Who You Drivin' Now?
Supersuckers: Doublewide
Afghan Whigs: Miles iz Ded

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