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triple.cycle.theory news/updates

triple cycle theory updates:
-members updates: Chris Slusarenko, Nate Slusarenko, Ted Miller, Sean Croghan, Scott Fox (source: Oregon Bands Page) and others)
-TOMMOROW: Chris Cornell and Mark Lanegan!!!!

The evil powers of rock strike again. According to the Supersuckers official web site (, the Supersuckers will have their sixth full-length album out before the end of the year! Titled The Evil Powers of Rock 'N' Roll, the album will contain thirteen songs and will be released on Twenty14 Records this October 19. Better save up so you can get buy this cd!

Don't forget: in 8 days, Mark Lanegan and Chris Cornell...

triple cycle theory updates:
-discography updates: Flop, Hole, Mudhoney, Posies, Presidents of the United States of America, Satchel, Screaming Trees, Skin Yard, Soundgarden. (thanks to!)

triple cycle theory updates:
-members updates: Steven Birch, Chris Brady (thanks to Chris Brady)
-labels updates: contact info for Collective Fruit, Slabco., Summershine, Y
-links updates: Crackerbash, Wipers

triple cycle theory updates:
even more updates:
-members updates: Richard Stuverud, Ralf Youtz, Tom Niemeyer, Tim Paul, Joe Skyward, Josh Sinder, Alex Sibbald, Scott Plouf (thanks to Brett for these), Al Larsen, Don Blair (source: Kill Rock Stars), Sean Croghan, Scott Fox, Theodore Miller (source: Crackerbash Homepage), Sean Hollister (thanks to Kurt Danielson)
-bands updates: Bundle of Hiss, Valis (thanks to Kurt Danielson), Sunny Day Real Estate
(thanks to Brett)

triple cycle theory updates:
yes, those rumors are true, this site has actually been updated!
-archives update: new article from Q Magazine. (not yet completed, check back!)
-bands update: Softy. (thanks to Mark Arm)
-members updates: James Atkins, Charlie Campbell, Norman Scott. (more thanks to Mark Arm)
-connections updates: RKCNDY, Teen Dance Ordinance Resistance, Clark Humphrey's MISCMEDIA.
-coming soon: NEW sections for venues, zines, and producers, plus a separate page for studios.

Loser II: The Sequel. Actually more of an update and revision, but it deserves all the attention it can get. Yes that's true, Clark Humphrey will be updating his book, and releasing a new version with all new pictures and text, and an updated discography, plus more. For more information, go to Mr. Humphrey's page at

A message from the webmasters. We'd like to apologize to everyone for the slow updates. We have been extremely busy over the last month, and we promise you many updates in the next couple days. In the works: a new article for the archives section, updated Softy lineup (thanks to Mark Arm), history entries, additional links, and some new features in the more noise please section. Keep your head up! Thanks, chris and jill

Fastbacks album news! According to the cool Fastbacks unofficial page, The Giant Lever, the Fastbacks will release their new album on October 5! For tracklist and other information, go visit the Giant Lever.

"Greatest Hits" from the greatest band in the world. The Supersuckers collection, modestly titled "The Greatest Rock 'N' Roll Band in the World" was released today on Sub Pop Records. Go order it now!

More birthdays: As you probably already know, we're really bad at remembering birthdays, but we actually didn't forget this time. Happy birthday to Alice in Chains vocalist Layne Staley and Screaming Trees guitarist Gary Lee Conner. Each is a year older than they were on this day in '98.

triple cycle theory updates:
-bands update: Sprinkler.

triple cycle theory updates:
-studios update: contact info for Avast!, Egg Studios (source: The Rocket), albums recorded at Egg (source: Egg Studios)
-connections additions: Valis, Walkabouts, plus 10 Things, Rocket, and Stranger e-zines, Egg Studios.

"Can't Change Me" hits radio airwaves. We were told earlier that the song would be released August 9, but around the US stations have been playing the first single of Chris Cornell's Euphoria Morning album, "Can't Change Me". You can download the entire song on mp3 format off Chris Cornell's official website at The website made a formal entrance today. Fans can find the latest news on Chris Cornell, a discography, biography, tour dates, and more. Make sure you check out this site and for your own good, download the song so you can hear it yourself!!
triple cycle theory updates: (she can't change Chris Cornell, but she can change this site)
- labels updates: urls added for Rx Remedy Records and Suicide Squeeze Records, contact info for Rx Remedy Records.
-connections additions: AMPT Radio and Young and Restless (radio shows) web pages.

triple cycle theory updates:
-maps added to more noise please, small/ large.
-birthday list additions: Gary Lee Conner, Van Conner, Mark Lanegan, Barrett Martin.
-labels updates: contact info for Chainsaw Records and Kill Rock Stars, url for Candy-Ass.

upcoming album releases:
-Supersuckers "greatest hits" album- "The Greatest Rock N Roll Band" August 24, on Sub Pop.
-Mark Lanegan covers compliation (title unknown right now) September 21, also on Sub Pop.
-Chris Cornell solo album "Euphoria Morning" also released September 21, on A&M Records.
-Alice in Chains box set "Music Bank" October 5, on Columbia Records.
8.3.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-archives update: new Peter Bagge artwork. Don't you scream for heroin?
-members update: Chad Channing, Greg Gimore, Tim Kerr, Bill Rieflin.
8.1.99 Seaweed goes their own ways. Another day, another great band that breaks up. According to Geoff of the Sub Pop mailing list, the band split soon after they performed at Merge's 10th Anniversary Party. No word on what the guys will do next.

triple cycle theory updates:
-k-star 125 music network update: Clean Slate: A Seaweed Fan Page added.
7.29.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-bands list additions: Feast.
-members list updates: Lori Black, Kurt Danielson, Chris Pugh.
-triple cycle theory frequently asked questions updated to ver. 1.1.
7.27.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-hit counter, guestbook added to index2 page. please sign the guestbook!!
-connections additions: Fastbacks, Mother Love Bone, Nirvana, Tuatara.
-members list updates: Don Blackstone, Dale Crover. (source for Crover: K Records)
-discography updates: Nirvana (source: Geffen), Pell Mell. (source: SST)
-archives additions: Charles Peterson Mudhoney and Nirvana pictures.
7.26.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-members list updates: Dave Abbruzzese, Eric Akre, Jon Auer, Chris Ballew, Pat Conner, Elizabeth Davis, Jack Endino, Jason Finn, Dave Fox, Chris Friel, Terry Lee Hale, Patty Schemel, Hiro Yamamoto.
-triple cycle theory frequently asked questions added.
-connections additions: Mad Season, Pond, Posies, Chris Cornell, Mark Lanegan.
-labels updates: more albums recorded added to studios section- Reciprocal. (more thanks to Jack Endino)
7.23.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-members list update: Jack Endino. (thanks to Jack himself)
-k-star 125 music network update: first page added, Garden of Sound: A Soundgarden Information Page added.
7.22.99 cycle theory relaunched. following a mild struggle with geocities about dead links  and other problems, we have left geocities for a permanent (for now) home at tripod. the new site should work properly. if there are any problems, e-mail us at

triple cycle hits the net! After over three months of hard work, cycle theory is finally on the net! Welcome to all the new people visiting the site!

Nothing safe about AIC: the new Alice in Chains cd "Nothing Safe: Best of the Box" is out now. Leave your computer now and go buy it!!!!

triple cycle theory updates:
-members list updates: Steve Moriarity, Joe Spleen, Scott Sutherland, Garth Reeves, Chris Friel, Rick Friel.
6.26.99 AIC on SFX highlights: OK, it's confirmed: the box set coming in the fall WILL be called "Music Bank". Also, it is worth noting that another NEW song will be on the box set- a tune titled "Died." For those of you who missed the radio show, you missed a lot of questions and answers with the band, a reminder that the new AIC cd "Nothing Safe" will be released Tuesday, and a play of the We Die Young demo off the new cd. (Also played was an awesome live version of "Rooster" and the rare track "Killing Yourself" available only on the out-of-print "We Die Young" EP, among others.)

Also: triple cycle theory has been informed that if you buy your Nothing Safe cd Tuesday at Best Buy, you will also get a free 2 song promo cd featuring live versions of "Angry Chair" and "Man in the Box" recorded in Glasgow, Scotland.

triple cycle theory updates:
-members list updates: Joe Preston, Selene Vigil, Alan Larsen, Elizabeth Davis, Rob Vasquez, Stefanie Sargent, Valerie Agnew.
6.25.99 Chained to the radio. Alice in Chains will be interviewed on the radio show SFX Saturday (that's tomorrow) at 9:00 Pacific Time. Check with your local radio station to see if they are carrying it.

triple cycle theory
-members list updates: list revamped to show ALL bands members have been in, not just regional bands. Regional bands are in bold type. also: updates for Mike Mongrain.
6.24.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-archives additions: "Incest and Intrigue" article from Goldmine 8/20/93 added. Also added: Nirvana comic by Everett True/Peter Bagge and TAD: Jack Pepsi comic series by Peter Bagge.
-discography updates: Dark Fantastic, Zeke.

6.23.99 More Chris Cornell news. The first single off Chris Cornell's forthcoming release, Euphoria Morning, "Can't Change Me" will be released August 9. Also, a video will be made for this song.

Lukin has left the building (+ other Mudhoney news). Some good news and bad news. An e-mail by Mark Arm written to the Mudhoney from Seattle, WA page states that Matt Lukin has left Mudhoney to "hone his hermit skills" according to Mark Arm, because "his heart isn't in to playing music anymore." With Matt leaving, the band will take a long break.

Finally the good news: Mark also confirmed that Mudhoney has left Reprise. According to Mr. McLaughlin, the split is "very cool."

The 2cd set rumored to be released is being worked on. The 2cd set will be released on Mudhoney's original label, Sub Pop, and will feature one cd of songs from the both the Sub Pop and Reprise albums. The second cd will have b-sides and outtakes.

Also, the Monkeywrench may be in the studio this summer. The band is waiting for Tim Kerr to come up from Austin. They played their 4th show ever on May 28 at Garageshock in Bellingham, Washington.

Also, a future installment of the Sub Pop Singles Club will be a Mudhoney 7", with two Tomorrow Hits Today outtakes, The Butterfly Stroke and Editions of You, the latter being a Roxy Music cover. For more information on the Singles Club, visit Sub Pop on the net.

Mudhoney/Reprise marriage ends. According to the Mudhoney from Seattle, WA page, Mudhoney has left the Reprise label. More information on this as we get it.
6.14.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-discography updates: Fastbacks, Girl Trouble, Pure Joy, Young Fresh Fellows, World of Zombies compilation. (source: Popllama Records)

Can't change Chris Cornell. We've acquired a COMPLETE tracklist for the new Chris Cornell album, which will, according to the Chris Cornell Fanpage, will be called Euphoria Morning. The songs that will be on the album are: "Can't Change Me," "Flutter Girl," "Preaching the End of the World," "Follow My Way," "When I'm Down," "Mission," "Wave Goodbye," "Moonchild," "Sweet Euphoria," "Disappearing One," "Pillow of Your Bones" and "Steel Rain." Not sure if the tracklist is in correct order. The album will of course be released September 21.

Show that you care. Pearl Jam's Last Kiss/Soldier of Love single is available today for those of you who didn't get the 7" from the Ten Club. 100% of the proceeds go to CARE and the Kosovo refugees. You should be able to find a copy for under three bucks.

The fish turn the tables. Go out right now to the nearest record store and buy the new Three Fish album, The Quiet Table. What are you doing? Buy it now!

other news:    -The Rockfords cd will be released in the fall. Right now they are deciding which songs                           will be included on the album.
            -Lyrics to a new Chris Cornell song "Can't Change Me" are available on the Chris Cornell                Fanpage. Click on the link to go there.
5.26.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-video list updates: Pearl Jam, Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden, Hype!.
-about triple cycle theory page updated.
5.25.99 Radio loosening the chains. Yes, that was "Get Born Again" played on the radio, a good week before it was supposed to be released. According to one radio station, the box set due for release in the fall will be called Music Bank. It will be a 3-cd set.

5.22-25.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-discography updates: more entries for cd list created. check discography for new entities.
5.21.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-discography updates: template for discography entries created. entries made for recordings by Gardener, Mudhoney, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam, also Grunge Years compilation.
5.16.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-birthday list updates: Mark Arm, Matt Cameron, Gary Lee Conner, Chris Cornell, Matt Lukin, Dan Peters, Ben Shepherd, Kim Thayil, Steve Turner.
-members list updates: Mark Arm, Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Steve Turner.
-connections updates: Goodness, Supersuckers, Young Fresh Fellows.

triple cycle theory updates:
-members list updates: Ben Shepherd, John Waterman, Chad Channing.
-bands list additions: 600 School, Mind Circus, Tic Dolly Row.
-discography updates: Fastbacks.

5.7.99 Alice in Chains get born again. Just got this e-mail message from the Alice in Chains official mailing list. Columbia records will be releasing a primer to the box set, a single cd compilation called "Nothing Safe - The Best of the Box" on June 29! The cd will contain 15 classic tracks, including a new song "Get Born Again", written by Jerry Cantrell and Layne Staley, and an early demo of "We Die Young". "Get Born Again" will be released to radio June 1!!!

This cd will give fans a taste of what is to come in the Alice in Chains box set (titled "Man in the Box Set" ???). The much-anticipated box set is set for release in the fall.

Latest news on Last Kiss. As you may have heard, Pearl Jam will release a two song single with "Last Kiss" and "Soldier of Love" as the b-side. This is will be a benefit for CARE and the Kosovo refugees, 100% of the proceeds will go to them. According to Five Horizons, the single will be released June 8.
In addition, Sony will be releasing a benefit album titled No Boundaries. This cd will contain the Pearl Jam cover "Last Kiss" as well as songs from Neil Young, silverchair, Korn, Black Sabbath, Indigo Girls and more. The proceeds of this album will also go to the Kosovar refugees.

In an unrelated Pearl Jam note, the band has announced that they will NOT tour Europe this year.

Three Fish tour dates. Some confirmed Three Fish tour dates are listed on the Sidetracked- A Guide To Pearl Jam Side Projects page. Click on the link to go to the page.

triple cycle theory updates:
-bands list updates: Screwmatics, Teen Angels (source: Scooch Pooch Records)
5.4.99 Love Battery gets recharged. Today marks the release date of the new Love Battery album Confusion Au Go Go on C/Z Records. Doubt you'll find this at the nearest mom-and-pop record store, maybe you can get them to special order it. OR you could e-mail C/Z at and order it there.
triple cycle theory updates:
-members list updates: Dave Krusen, Greg Gilmore, Jack Endino, Jennifer Olay, Scott Plouf, Chris Tilden.
-bands list updates: 764-HERO, Blind Horse, Deranged Diction, Hush Harbor, Juned, Kill Sybil, Luv Co., Pell Mell, Violent Green. (source for some: Up Records)
5.3.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-bands list updates: collaborations page added, also Limp Richerds info fixed. (Thanks to Leighton Beezer!)
-members list updates: Dan Peters, Duff McKagan. (Thanks Leighton!)
-5h ultimate seattle guide linked to more noise please section. (Thanks to Five Horizons)
5.2.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-discography updates: title page added, video list started.
-history page started. contribute, people!
-birthday page added to more noise please.
5.1.99 Another fish in the tank. The new Three Fish album, The Quiet Table, will be released on June 1. Three Fish, of course, is Robbi Robb (South Africa's Tribe After Tribe), Jeff Ament (Green River, Mother Love Bone, Pearl Jam), and Richard Stuverud (Fastbacks, Luv. Co.)

The lowdown on the Rockfords. Word is out that the Rockfords, a side project of a few members of Goodness and PJ's Mike McCready, will be releasing an album in the near future. It is being produced by John Goodmanson.

triple cycle theory updates:
-bands list update: Bundle of Hiss, H-Hour, TAD (Thanks to Tad Doyle!)
4.25.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-discography update: Young Fresh Fellows.
-members update: Christy McWilson, Rick Friel, Chris Cornell, Hiro Yamamoto, Kim Thayil, Mort Mortensen, Daniel House, Matt Cameron, Jack Endino, Kurt Bloch, Rusty Willoughby.
4.24.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-title pictures added.
4.23.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-bands list updates: Derelicts, Steel Wool.
-discography updates: Derelicts, Fastbacks, Gas Huffer, Pond, Truly.
-labels updates: contact info for K, compilations added.
4.21.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-discography updates: Screaming Trees, Soundgarden. (source: SST Records)
4.20.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-discography updates: Beat Happening, Crackerbash, Dead Moon, Derelicts, Gas Huffer, Girl Trouble, Steel Wool, Teen Angels, ZipGun.
-other labels info added to labels section.
4.19.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-members list updates: David E. Duet, Kurt Danielson, Ed Fotheringham, Danny Bland, John Bigley, Charlie Ryan, Scott McCollum, Mike Musburger, Gary Lee Conner, Ray Washam, and Josh Sinder.
-contact info added to labels section.
4.18.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-causes page added to more noise please.
-members list updates: Jason Finn, Chris Ballew. (Thanks to Brett)
-discography updates: catalog numbers added.
4.17.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-talking in code: the lexicon of grunge page added to more noise please page.
-discography updates: Gits, Seven Year Bitch, Wellwater Conspiracy, Stacked Up!, other compilations.
-bands list updates: H-Hour, Bundle of Hiss, Chemistry Set, Deranged Diction.
-credits and readme added to about triple cycle theory page.
4.16.99 When it comes, nobody knows... According to numerous sources, the long anticipated Chris Cornell cd won't be released until September 21. The following are rumored to be song titles: "Wave Goodbye", "Preaching the End of the World", "Flutter Girl", "Can't Change Me", "The Disappearing One" (w/ Matt Cameron on drums), and "Steel Rain" with Bill Rieflin (Blackouts, Sweet 75) on drums. Hopefully we'll finally get to hear new Chris Cornell by September or earlier.
4.12.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-table of contents added.
-bands list updates: Endino's Earthworm, also Skin Yard info confirmed. (Thanks to Jack Endino!)
4.11.99 triple cycle theory updates:
-bands and members pages linked.
-more links added in connections page.
4.7.99 It's your birthday...only if your Kim Warnick of the Fastbacks. Happy birthday, Kim!
4.6.99 A new plant in the garden. Today marks the release date of the debut album New Dawning Time by Gardener, a band featuring Aaron Stauffer of Seaweed and Van Conner of Screaming Trees. Purchase your cd through Sub Pop, get a free Seaweed Go Your Own Way EP.

Pearl Jam beats to another drummer. It's official: Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Hater, Wellwater Conspiracy, Skin Yard) is the new drummer according to a chat with fans at Boom Theory. Says Matt: "I am filling in permanently."

Got news??? E-mail us at with NEWS as the subject.

This page was started 14 March 1999.

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