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Ugly Cassanova (Issac Brock of Modest Mouse)
Sad, Sappy Sucker
K Records 4/2001

Mark Lanegan
Field Songs
Sub Pop 5/8/2001

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3.13.2001 Two new pictures added to archives.
3.13.2001 triple cycle theory is back. Our spring break trip ended earlier than expected, so we are able to update cycle theory for the rest of our "spring break" and beyond.
3.9.2001 triple cycle theory is taking a short vacation. It's spring break, which means we'll be going out of town, away from the computer, relaxing, getting drunk, etc. We'll be back March 18, at which time we will recap all the news that occurred between now and the time we get back.
3.9.2001 According to the PRP, Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello, Tim C. and Brad Wilk have booked a months worth of studio time with former Soundgarden front man Chris Cornell. There is no word yet on when or if the songs they create will be released, though it has been confirmed that if released, it will not be under the name Rage Against The Machine. Currently, Cornell is writing lyrics for the project, for which 3 songs have already roughly been written, while Rage is off on a promotional tour.
3.5.2001 Nations in Seattle is hosting a record release party for Steve Fisk's new album, 999 Levels of Undo, on March 7 at 8:00pm. See for more information.
3.4.2001 Chris Cornell was interviewed in the UK rock magazine Kerrang! to set the record straight about his involvement with former Rage Against The Machine members. Said Cornell: "While in Los Angeles recently I had occasion to have lunch with my friend Tom Morello. I decided to stop by while he was rehearsing with Timmy and Brad and jammed with them for a while. In order to end any speculation, I am not going to be the singer of Rage Against The Machine."
3.4.2001 Jerry Cantrell is launching an 18-stop tour starting March 13 in San Francisco, in support of his upcoming double cd release, Degradation Trip, Vol. 1 and Vol 2. Swarm and Comes With The Fall will be opening. Tour dates can be found at
3.2.2001 Tickets are now on sale for the 2001 YoYo A GoGo Festival taking place July 17-22. Bands and events are still being finalized, go to the YoYo site for more details, and site to buy tickets.
3.2.2001 Contact info for Aces and Eights Records added to labels section.
3.2.2001 A tracklist is available for Mark Lanegan's upcoming album, Field Songs, to be released on Sub Pop Records May 8, on the excellent Mark Lanegan fan site, Undertow.
3.2.2001 Chris Cornell/Rage update. As you may know already, Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello denied that Chris Cornell was the new singer for Rage during the Grammy's last week. However, he posted on the RATM Bulletin Board that "If we were to continue to work with Chris Cornell, we would make a brand new band." He went on to say that if Cornell would continue with the band that "It would not be called Rage Against the Machine, it would be a band that would be different from Rage. And my sense, from the excellent music that we've made so far, is that it would have the potential to be a truly amazing band."
2.21.2001 Bands list redesigned, Wipers info added.
2.21.2001 Built to Spill is featured on the EMP site as part of their "Elements of a Song" series.
2.21.2001 Happy birthday to Mark Arm!
2.21.2001 According to Shoutweb, it appears that former Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell is a possible candidate to join Rage Against The Machine. It is rumored that he has rehearsed with the three remaining members of Rage, who are looking for a singer to replace the since-departed Zac de la Rocha. More details as we get them.
2.21.2001 Yesterday marked what would have been Kurt Cobain's 34th birthday. Happy birthday, Kurt. We still miss you.
2.14.2001 Happy Valentine's Day! Here's a treat for you. On April 10, Pearl Jam is releasing a DVD with concert footage and 50 minutes of bonus features, including the videos of "Do The Evolution" and "Oceans", according to the Pearl Jam Fanzine Five Horizons. It will contain 28 songs from the 2000 Tour. For the full press release, go visit Five Horizons.
2.12.2001 764-HERO and Murder City Devils are touring soon. Click band for tour dates.
2.12.2001 A new Pigeonhed sampler EP is available through the official Pigeonhed site, at One song from the sampler, Steve Fisk's "Time, Speed, Language" will be on Steve Fisk's album "999 Levels Of Undo" on Sub Pop Records, due out March 6.
2.12.2001 A few sites have reported a new Jerry Cantrell double disc release sometime this spring. The album is rumored to be called "Degradation Trip, Vol. 1". No official word yet.
2.12.0001 Connections update: band links updated. All dead links removed, new links added.
2.06.2001 Links additions: Steve Fisk Home Page.
2.06.2001 Contact info for Pattern 25 Records added to labels page.
2.06.2001 In other Posies news, both Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer are releasing solo albums this spring. Auer's EP will be released on pattern 25 records.
2.06.2001 The Posies are releasing an EP called "Nice Cheekbones and a PhD" on Badman Records on March 6. The EP will be released earlier in Spain on Houston Party Records.
2.06.2001 Poster art of Sub Pop art director Jeff Kleinsmith is featured on the EMP site.
2.01.2001 Connections page redesigned. Band links to be added later. Need a link? E-mail us.
2.01.2001 Discography updates: Discography upgrade to v. 3.0 almost complete.
Discography additions for Posies.
1.30.2001 From the Mudhoney from Seattle WA site: Tim Kerr speaking on the Monkeywrench recording plans: "I'm going there at the end of March to record the Blowup and I am going to stay to practice with Monkeywrench and probably do at least one show. I'm going back up in April for a friend's wedding and Monkeywrench will probably play again and once again I will stay extra to practice with those guys. We are going to record here in Austin following Garageshock at the studio I do alot of stuff in called The Sweatbox."
1.30.2001 From the Mark Lanegan Page, Undertow: The new album is called Field Songs and it contains 12 original tracks. It is scheduled to be released on May 8th followed quickly by a US mini tour in May. After that Mark will head to Europe for a festival tour, then come back to the US for a full tour in late summer/early fall.
1.30.2001 Official bootlegs from the first leg of the Pearl Jam North American Tour will be released 2.29.2001. See the Ten Club page for more details.
1.30.2001 Links to websites have been added for the following labels in the labels section: 206, Blood Red, Carving Knife, Laundry Room, Slabco. 
1.25.2001 triple cycle theory site info page updated. Please read.
1.23.2001 Site map created.
1.23.2001 Members list updates: Van Conner, Sean Hollister.
1.23.2001 Video list reformatted.
1.15.2001 Discography vers. 3.0 now up. Cleaner design, more information. Still under construction.
1.14.2001 Happy birthday, Dave Grohl!
1.14.2001 Brand new news/update page created.
1.14.2001 Entry page redesigned.
1.14.2001 Studios page completely revamped. New design, new listings, more information.
1.11.2001 triple cycle theory version 3.0 now online. Like the new design? Let us know!
1.10.2001 Discography listings have been updated for the following bands: Alice in Chains, Modest Mouse, and Mudhoney.
1.10.2001 triple cycle theory is back! This site will be now updated almost daily.