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triple cycle theory: news/updates
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>Happy birthday:
Andrew Wood (Jan 8)
Eric Erlandson, Hole (Jan 9)

>Upcoming birthdays:
Dave Grohl, Nirvana (Jan 14)
Mike Musburger (Jan 28)
Chad Channing, Nirvana (Jan 31)

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October 1999- June 2000
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31 August 2000
discography updates: Alcohol Funnycar, Beat Happening, Coffin Break, Gas Huffer, Girl Trouble, Zeke.

28 August 2000
Presidents to make
in-store appearance at Tower Records in Seattle.

From Musicblitz:
Presidents of the USA in-store and signing, 9/11 at Tower (Mercer) in Seattle!

That's right! Pick up your copy of the Presidents of the USA's new album "Freaked Out And Small" at a midnight sale 9/11-12 at Tower Records, located at 500 Mercer St. in Seattle! The guys who brought you "Lump", "Peaches", "Kitty", and "Mach 5" will be on hand to sign a poster that's only available if you buy the CD at the store that night. Pizza will be served and a host of other free goodies are being arranged!
Call 206-283-4456 for more info!

Murder City Devils tour dates with At the Drive-In announced.
The Murder City Devils will be touring again, this time with At the Drive-In. Go to the official MCD site, at for dates.

Pearl Jam official bootlegs on sale September 5.
On September 5, Pearl Jam will sell double disc live recordings of all their live European shows (minus one). There will be twenty-five two-cd sets, for about $12 for each show. Contrary to some reports, the Roskilde show will NOT be sold. For more information, go to the Ten Club site at or

Happy birthday to Kurt Bloch of the Fastbacks!!!

16 August 2000
guest appearances list updates.
studios page redesigned.
Happy birthday to Matt Lukin and Jason Everman!

15 August 2000
Win a free NIRVANA singles box set by entering the triple cycle theory contest!
Signing the guestbook with your name, e-mail address, and favorite NW bands will enter you in a contest to win the Nirvana Singles box. See contest page for details.

And, go buy the new Beat Happening seven inch on K Records, right now.

13 August 2000
bands update: Hazel.

26 July 2000
Hurray for corporate takeovers!!!
k-star, the two-person organization that runs this site has changed its name to the anti-radio coalition. This change means absolutely nothing as far as the design, content, and future of this page.

triple cycle theory updates:
guest appearances list: Mike Johnson.
members list:  Mike Johnson.

25 July 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
bands additions: Enemymine, Love As Laughter.
discography/albums updates: 764-HERO, Juned
discography/singles updates: 764-HERO, Built to Spill, Built to Spill/Marine Research, Caustic Resin, Juned, Modest Mouse, TAD.

24 July 2000
Carrie Akre solo album released
Go to the Good Ink site at and buy the album "Home" from the ex-Hammerbox singer there if the record store near you isn't carrying it.

triple cycle theory updates:
connections updates: dead links removed.

20 July 2000
Happy birthday to Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam and Chris Cornell, formerly of Soundgarden!!

19 July 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
discography additions: Hazel, Murder City Devils, Satisfact, Violent Green.
history updates.

18 July 2000
They're here: New 764-HERO, new Pearl Jam, new Sub Pop vinyl (again).
Go to the record store near you and buy the new 764-HERO album, the new Pearl Jam single, and after you're done with that order all four vinyl reissues, Bleach, Blood Guts and Pussy, Screaming Life, and Superfuzz Bigmuff from Sub Pop now.

15 July 2000
Carrie Akre to make instore performance at Sonic Boom, Seattle.
This from Good Ink Records: Carrie Akre will play an in store show at the Sonic Boom record store in Seattle on July 27. Two days later, a record release party will be held at Sit N Spin to celebrate the release of Akre's new album, Home, to be released July 25. Head over to Good Ink for more information.

Love As Laughter tour dates:
July 21 Crocodile Café (CMJ Show.) Seattle, WA (w/ The Makers, Black Halos)
30 Graceland. Seattle, WA
August 7 Lola's @ Crystal Ballroom. Portland, OR (w/ 764-Hero)
August 9 Bottom of the Hill. San Francisco, CA (w/ 764-Hero)
August 10 Fais Do Do. Los Angeles, CA (w/ 764-Hero)
August 11 Expressa Roma. Las Vegas, NV (w/ 764-Hero)
August 12 Modified. Phoenix, AZ (w/ 764-Hero)
August 13 The Casbah. San Diego, CA (w/ 764-Hero)
August 16 The Neurolux. Boise, ID (w/ 764-Hero)
August 19 Sit & Spin. Seattle, WA (w/ 764-Hero)

Silkworm tour dates:
9-7 Minneapolis / 7th Street Entry
9-8 Milwaukee / Cactus
9-9 Chicago / Empty Bottle
9-10 Cleveland, possibly Detroit
9-11 Pittsburgh / Carnegie Mellon University
9-12 Toronto?
9-13 Baltimore or DC
9-14 Philadelphia
9-15 Boston
9-16 New York / Mercury Lounge

triple cycle theory updates:
bands updates: 764-HERO, Red Stars Theory.
connections addition: Silkworm.
members updates: John Atkins, William Goldsmith, Polly Johnson, Aaron Stauffer.

14 July 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
members update: Alex Vincent.

13 July 2000
Posies box set available for preorder.
Notlame Records of Fort Collins, CO is taking preorders for the Posies box set "at least, at last", which is due for release in September. The box set is a limited edition of only 2500. Also, the Posies will release an all-acoustic album titled "in case you didn't feel like plugging in" on the Casa Recording Co. label. Also, the Posies have announced the following tour dates: (source:

Posies tour dates:

July 28 Redmond WA, The Old Firehouse
Aug 2 Bellingham WA, Showoff Gallery
Aug 3 Seattle, Showbox
Aug 4 Olympia WA, Metropolis
Aug 5 Portland OR, Berbati's Pan
Aug 6 San Francisco, Great American Music Hall
Aug 7 San Francisco, Aquarius Records
Aug 8 San Jose CA, Fuel
Aug 9 San Juan Capistrano CA, Coach House
Aug 10 San Diego, Casbah
Aug 11 Los Angeles, Knitting Factory
Aug 16 Minneapolis, TBD
Aug 17 Green Bay WI, Muldoons
Aug 18-19 Chicago, Schuba's
Aug 20 Cleveland, TBD
Aug 22 Boston, Middle East
Aug 23 New York, Knitting Factory
Aug 24 Philadelphia, Upstage
Aug 25 Washington D.C., TBD
Aug 26 Athens, Ga., TBD
Aug 28 Memphis, Hi-Tone
Aug 29 St. Louis, TBD

Also some Dead Moon tour dates:

July 28 Portland OR   EJ's
July 29 Seattle WA    Graceland
August 5 Cornelius OR    Open air
August 10 San Francisco CA    Bottom of the Hill
August 11 Los Angeles CA     Spaceland
August 12 Las Vegas NV     Shakedown, Gold Coast Hotel

Gardener opening for Death Cab For Cutie on some dates:

July 21 Portland cobalt lounge (opening for Death Cab For Cutie)
July 22 Seattle  the showbox (opening for Death Cab)
July 29 San Francisco    Slims (opening for Sunny Day Real Estate)

triple cycle theory updates:
connections addition: Hole.
updates: Fred Cole, Toody Cole.

12 July 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
NEWS page redesigned- new column with upcoming release dates/tour info/birthdays/etc.

11 July 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
main page, bands, and labels pages redesigned.
archives additions: new article, from Rocket 4/7/99.
bands- collaborations additions: No WTO Combo.
discography- video list reformatted.
Bagge updates.

10 July 2000
triple cycle theory updates:
discography updates: 764-HERO, Built to Spill, Hush Harbor, Jana McCall, Modest Mouse, Monkeywrench.
labels additions: 206, Airforce, Blood Red, Laundry Room, Schizophonic.

8 July 2000

News about the NEW Presidents of the United States of America album!!
"Freaked Out And Small" is the title of the new album from The Presidents of the United States of America. After an absence of over three years they are back! Keri Abrams of has just issued a statement informing the PUSA-faithful of the details on this new release.

She reports that the band has won back the right to use their name after long and dragged-out legal scraps with Sony Records (their former label). Up until recently the group had been using the name "The Quitters" in reference to their retirement three years ago.

The new full length album will be released on CD etc in the autumn of 2000. However, a "fan edition" release will be available from much earlier. Here are the songs:

Blank Baby, Death Star, Headin' Out, I'm Mad, Jazz Guy, Jupiter, Meanwhile Back In The City,  Nuthin' But Luv, Superstar, Tiger Bomb, Tiny Explosions, plus one more.

triple cycle theory updates:
bands additions: 64 Spiders, Alcohol Funnycar, Capping Day, Silkworm.
bands- collaborations additions: The Impos
tors 6.
connections updates: Presidents of the United States of America.
appearances updates: Jerry Cantrell, Mark Lanegan, Kim Thayil.
members updates: Chris Ballew, Dave Dederer, Jason Finn, Tad Hutchinson.

7 July 2000
New "Northwest Passage" compilation available now at EMP.
A 2 cd compilation has been released by Sub Pop to commemorate the opening of Paul Allen's Experience Music Project. This compilation "Northwest Passage" spans the last 50 years of Northwest music, from the Wailers and Ventures to Heart to Green River and Mudhoney to Pearl Jam to Built to Spill, Pond, and Sunny Day Real Estate. Buy it direct from

triple cycle theory updates:
connections additions: Posies, Sunny Day Real Estate (2).
many history updates.
labels updates: LABELS page reformatted, redesigned.
studios update: STUDIOS section added.

6 July 2000
Sub Pop to re-issue Nirvana's Bleach, Soundgarden's Screaming Life, Mudhoney's Superfuzz Bigmuff, and Dwarves' Blood, Guts, and Pussy on vinyl July 18.
Straight from the Sub Pop traffic report: REISSUES: bless-you. We have wax for your ears in July with fancy pants vinyl reissues of NIRVANA, Bleach; MUDHONEY Superfuzz Bigmuff; DWARVES Blood Guts and Pussy, and SOUNDGARDEN Screaming Life. We could very well call these records a 4 pack primer for anyone who missed Seattle's music explosion before it was immortalized in a made-for-TV movie.

triple cycle theory updates:
bands list additions: Marfa Lights.
Bagge updates: Hate checklist.
video list updates: Sunny Day Real Estate, For The Cash movie, Singles movie.