February 9, 1996 Home Alive: The Art Of Self-Defense is released on Epic Records. The two-CD set benefits Home Alive, a Seattle-based nonprofit women's organization dedicated to providing access to self-defense information and techniques. On the compilation are tracks by Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Posies, Love Battery, Seven Year Bitch and others.

May 21, 1996 Down On The Upside, the last full length from Soundgarden, is released on A&M Records.

June 30, 1996 Alice in Chains' Unplugged album is released, debuting at #3 on the Billboard charts.

April 9, 1997 After 13 years of amazing music, the guys from Soundgarden decide to split. No explanation given on why the band broke up. Most importantly, this date marks the end of a long, great career.

January 31, 1998 Pearl Jam invades the airwaves again, with their second radio broadcast "Monkeywrench Radio", their first since "Self Pollution Radio" in 1995. Eddie Vedder hosts, plays a few records. Pearl Jam plays a few songs from their upcoming Yield album, Mudhoney, Zeke, Brad, and Tuatara also play.

February 3, 1998
Fans rush to stores as Pearl Jam's Yield album is released.